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AS cure joint pain with snow and ice

cold joints Treatment is very effective

Traditionally, the cold, the snow and ice we used toassociate it with the cause of many bolezney.A did you know that using cold elements (with little or no cash investment) can get rid of serious diseases which are difficult to even medical treatment? This is due to the fact that in response to exposure to the cold, the body responds violent eruption of heat, intense enhancement of blood circulation in the affected organ, increase immunity.

Our ancestors still a long time ago, by trial and error found that cold (snow, ice) are excellent helpers in the fight against many diseases.

Nowadays snow successfully treated joints and rheumatic pains.
Arthritis, almost non-drug treatment easily healed by applying the mixture to the joints snow and coarse salt (sometimes just 1-2 sessions!).
To do this, 2 cups of snow mixed with 1 cupcoarse salt with a wooden stick. Put on a joint small flap natural fabric and on it - a layer of snow, top-piece polyethylene. Hold 4-7 minutes, not more! Compress remove, shake the salt and wash the applied area.
Attention! The use of a cold compress almost always causes severe pain (ache, twisting). This condition is necessary to endure the pain, is the reaction of nerve endings on the strong cooling.
Keep in mind that the temperature of the snow afteradd the salt in there falls to zero degrees to -8-13oS so you can sometimes get a little skin frostbite. Do not worry, it will soon disappear, and it's quite a small fee for the complete liberation from pain, exhausting months and even years.

Another recommendation for the treatment of arthritis and is similar in principle to the previous one, because used compress the snow.
Make some rotational movementsknee joints (knees Therefore to rotate counter-clockwise about 5 minutes) to warm them. Fill plastic bags with snow (in this case, without salt!), Bolt of fabric ribbons to the knees and walk with these snow compresses 5 minutes on their knees around the room. Then remove the packages cover the knees warm scarves and just walk around the room for 10 minutes to give the joints a light load.
Exercises are performed every day until the disappearance of pain. For someone to be sufficient and 3 days for someone to 3 weeks.

In summer you can scrape "snow coat" from the freezer or use crushed ice.

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