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How to recover files from a flash drive

USB flash drive - comfortable, but not the most reliable media

In our time, the flash drive has become an indispensable device to transfer information.

It is free and easy fit in even thea small pocket and a portable information can be calculated in gigabytes. But sometimes computer suddenly announced that data on a flash drive is simply no information is lost and, perhaps, forever.

But do not panic.

There is an exit.



Loss of data on a flash drive usually begins withComputer reports that the removable drive is not found or is found but can not be accessed. This is often in the removable device properties shows that the drive has a size of 0 bytes, occupied and free meta 0 0 bytes left too. We'll have to help the computer with the recognition of the stick.
Restart the computer off and on againplug in a USB flash drive, and it is better not to connect to the connectors on the front and on the back of the computer where is the root USB hub. If the computer still refuses to take the stick, authorizes its formatting. Do not be put off by the inscription? Formatting will erase all the files on this disk ?, files are destroyed completely, we still have a chance to get them.

Restore corrupted flash drive is quite real


USB flash drive is formatted and has already opened. But it's empty, and to restore the old files, you will have to resort to a data recovery program. One of the best such programs is considered EasyRecovery Professional.
Run the program and click in the main windowitem? Data Recovery ?. In the window that opens, click on the? Data recovery after formatting ?. The program will warn you that you must copy the restored files to another drive. Click OK. Start a system scan. Select from the list of files you want to restore. Select the location where to copy the recovered data. Click? Next ?, the copy process begins. As he finished, click? Finish ?.

Connect corrupted USB flash drive to the computer always directly


Then you can move on to the section withcopied data and use them at their discretion. To avoid such excesses always remember one thing. Flash drive ? comfortable, but not the most reliable storage media. So do not let the important files stored on a flash drive only, always make backups. If the files are still missing, stop all work from a flash drive to restore it. In the process, new files may overwrite the old, and then we lost the information just will not work to recover.

Timely back up necessary files

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