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How to recover files from a USB flash drive


USB flash drive - convenient, but not the most reliable media</a>

Nowadays the flash drive has become an indispensable device for transferring information.

It is light and free to fit even in the veryA small pocket, and the transferred information can be calculated in gigabytes. But sometimes the computer suddenly declares that there is simply no data on the flash drive, the information is lost and, perhaps, forever.

But do not panic.

There is an exit.



The loss of data on a flash drive usually starts withA computer message that a removable disk is not found, or found, but is not accessible. In this case, often in the properties of a removable device, it is shown that the disk has a size of 0 bytes, it is occupied by 0 and free bytes are also left 0 bytes. I'll have to help the computer with the recognition of the flash drive.
Restart your computer, turn it off and then on again.Connect the USB flash drive, and it is better to connect to the connectors not on the front, but on the back of the computer where the root USB hub is located. If the computer still refuses to accept the USB flash drive, authorize its formatting. Do not be afraid of the inscription? Formatting will destroy all the files on this disk ?, the files will not be destroyed without a trace, we still have a chance to pull them out.

To restore a corrupted USB flash drive is quite realistic


The flash drive is formatted and already opens. But it's empty, and to get old files back, you'll have to resort to a data recovery program. One of the best such programs is EasyRecovery Professional.
Run the program and select in the main windowItem? Data recovery ?. In the window that opens, click on? Data recovery after formatting ?. The program will warn you that the recovered files must be copied to another disk. Click OK. Start scanning the system. Select the files you want to restore from the list provided. Select the location where the recovered data will be copied. Click? Next ?, the copying process begins. When finished, click "Done".

Connect the corrupted USB flash drive to the computer always directly


After that, you can go to the section withCopied data and use it at your own discretion. To avoid such excesses, always remember one thing. Flash drive ? Convenient, but by no means the most reliable medium of information. Therefore, do not allow important files to be stored on a single USB flash drive, always make a backup copy. If the files still disappeared, then stop all work with the flash drive before its recovery. In the process of working, new files can overwrite the old files, and then the already lost information can not be accurately restored.

Back up your files in a timely fashion

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