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Make sure that the delete

One of the rather unpleasant problems faced by a lot of computer owners? the need to restore data after formatting.



After the usual format of regeneratingFile table, and where indicated, that it is empty. However, after the usual formatting files are not deleted and do not move anywhere. Even if in their place new recorded files, they can still be restored works of special programmok. The same story is with the removal of the hard drive, and creating logical drives. But if we use low-level format? then write? disappeared ?. All information which has undergone low-level formatting, irretrievably lost. Also, if the hard drive starts? Crumble ?, loses clusters will carry with him to the grave and all the information they contain.


Even the constant improvement of mediaInformation can not save us from this problem. Still would ? the reasons are varied. Accidentally formatted the wrong disk, accidentally pressed the button, picked up a virus or trojan? But data loss can even lead to serious consequences. First, you can lose important electronic documents required for the work in the office, and secondly? just very sorry if your favorite movie or song accidentally deleted.


When you delete a large file of his disappearanceIt happens instantly. However, here the system? Cunning ?, renaming it to become invisible to the user. In fact, the deleted files may be located on the hard drive for some time, until they are replaced by new files. After overwriting the file restore will not succeed.


And yet, as much as possible to get to the deleted files and restore them to? Life ?? The answer? using special software. However, be aware that 100% guarantee they do not succeed.

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