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How to recover deleted messages


You can restore deleted VKontakte messages</a>

Periodically, users of the social network "VKontakte" find out the loss of messages in their profile.

Recover deleted messages "VKontakte" you can, using the special features of this social network.



Do not rush to "sound the alarm", discovering that the section"Messages" is empty. Perhaps the inbox is still in its place, but an error has occurred on the site or on the network. Try to reconnect to the Internet, reload the page and re-login to it with your login and password, and then check the message folder again. Perhaps you could not find the message because you switched to the dialog system, when messages are grouped according to the users with whom correspondence was conducted. Select the dialogue with the person you want and try to find the lost message using the search function.


Click on the "Restore" link if you onlyThat accidentally deleted the correspondence with some user. Recover deleted messages "VKontakte" in this way you can only if you have not yet updated the page or did not leave it.


Check your email ifSettings of social network "VKontakte" you have activated the function "Notify by E-mail". In this case, notifications about incoming messages with the display of their text come to the mail. So you can easily restore accidentally deleted information on your page.


Activate offline browser modeImmediately after you find the loss of messages. Next, try flipping the pages visited recently through the "Browser" of the browser. If you are lucky, you will find a page with messages in the state when they were still on it.


Ask for help from a friend, correspondence withWhich was accidentally deleted. At your request, he can copy the desired dialogue into the text of the message and send it to you, if it is saved in the user's profile.


Write to the technical support of the social network by clicking onHelp link at the bottom of the main page. Inform specialists that they accidentally deleted important messages. Customer support can go to meet you and restore deleted messages "VKontakte" by their methods.


Try to use special sites andPrograms that restore deleted messages, records from the wall and other information. They can be found through any of the search engines. Beware of scammers and do not leave anyone your personal information to enter the profile "VKontakte".

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