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How to recover deleted files recently


How to recover deleted files recently</a>

Almost every computer user came across a situation where important files were lost.

To solve this problem, there are programs for recovering deleted files.



If the missing files were not deleted from theBaskets, then to restore them, do the following. Click on the basket icon on the desktop, find the files that you want to restore, select them and click the "Restore Objects" button on the window pane.


Restore files that have been deleted and fromBasket, is carried out in another way. This will require one of the specialized programs. Examples of such applications are EasyRecovery, GetDataBack, Recuva, etc. You need to install the application on a disk or in a partition different from that from which the information has disappeared.


Run the selected program. The pre-scan will automatically be performed, which results in the display of all available partitions and devices. If the desired partition does not appear, retry the scan, or try another program. Also check to see if the device is sufficiently securely connected, the information from which is to be restored.


Select the desired partition to restoreInformation. Configure the scan settings, for example, the scan area (if you know where the information is located), the type of the file system of the device, the algorithm for searching for deleted data. Depending on which application was selected for work, the list of settings can contain other items.


Start the scanning process. Depending on the size of the section being scanned, the process takes a different time. Upon its completion, the program will present a virtual directory tree in which the files found in the process will be located.


Find the ones you want to restore. Using the pre-inspector available in some programs, determine the degree of accuracy.


Then select the required files and pressThe corresponding button to start recovery. Specify a location to save. It should not be located on the partition from which the & nbsp-files are saved. Wait until the process is complete.

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