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How to recover deleted files

How to recover deleted files

Accidental deletion of data from your computer - one of the most urgent problems of the users.

In fact, after formatting or cleaning the basket it is possible to recover lost data, however, this procedure can take a considerable amount of time.

You will need

  • - A program to recover deleted files, such as Handy Recovery.



Make sure that after you delete filesRequiring recovery was not madefull disk formatting. Download and install Handy Recovery program on your computer, it has a trial period of validity. Therefore ideal for single instances of data loss.


Open the installed program. You will display two new windows, one of which will be asked to select the disk that contains the files you accidentally deleted. Highlight on which there are lost data and click "Disk Analysis". The procedure can take a long time depending on the number of files and the speed of your hard drive.


As you will be left of the screen in a hugeA list of folders - are on the disk now and previously deleted, make a search for them using a filter by clicking on the appropriate icon in the top menu. In the filter, type any parameters that apply to previously remote data, however, remember that often the names and attributes files altered after their removal.


Put a check in "Onlydeleted files. " If you remember the file extension, type it into the search box on the keyword, it will not be as comfortable as if you have entered the file name, but it will be true if the name has changed. Start searching for, wait for the end of the screening procedure results.


Make manually search through folders on the right, atthat you can view their contents. When you find the desired information, click on "Restore" in the menu at the top. All that you restore with the help of this program will be stored in a folder called "Recovered Files" on the hard drive. At the same name files and folders will be changed to names containing numbers and letters in the Latin alphabet.

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