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How to recover data on disk


How to recover data on disk</a>

From the loss of files from the hard drive, unfortunately,No one is insured. Sometimes due to system crashes, because of viruses or incorrect formatting, you risk losing very important and necessary files.

But the good news is that there is an opportunity to restore them.

To do this, there are several ways, in the instructions below we will discuss in more detail one of them? With the help of one very convenient program.



Let's try to restore the files withProgram called FINDNTFS. This program is free and can help you find and repair damaged NTFS partitions. The program has several different versions, among them, for example, there is one that will work in DOS mode, which means it will help if Windows does not boot. This program has many different useful functions, but now we are interested in exactly the restoration of files.
So, install the FindNTFS program on your computer using the DOS floppy disk, on which the file findntfs.exe is written.


At the command prompt, type 'FINDNTFS # 1 1 1 c:Recoverlog.txt files', where # is the disk number. In the event that you have only one hard disk, put a value of 1, and if there are several disks, then 1? This is the value of the C.


This command will start searching for NTFS files usingprograms. The program finds the entire list of found files in a text file on drive C. Here you can specify any file on any of the disks, but do not create it on the same drive on which you are restoring files. When such a file is created, review it.


In the event that the search was successful, youFind all the necessary files in this list. Keep in mind that the folders in which the program found these files may not coincide with the folders in which the files were actually contained. So now write down the numbers of the required folders.


Now, to restore files withFindFTPS, use the? Copy? Command. Remember that the program will write the files to the folder in which it is located, so make sure that there is enough room for the recovered files in this folder.


Now run the command? Findntfs # 1 1 1 copy #?, Where the first grid is replaced by the number of the hard drive, and the second? To the number of the folder you need. You can specify a maximum of 10 folder numbers. Be sure to specify the folder number, otherwise the program will try to copy all files from this disk.


Now make sure that all recovered files are intact and not damaged.

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