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How to recover data on a disk

How to recover data on a disk

The loss of the files from the hard drive, unfortunately,no one is immune. Sometimes because of system malfunctions due to viruses or improper formatting, you risk losing a very important and necessary files.

But the good news is that there is a possibility to restore them.

There are several ways in the instructions below, we will look more of them? using a very convenient program.



Let's try to restore files usingprogram called FINDNTFS. This program is free and can help locate and recover damaged partitions NTFS. The program has several different versions, including, for example, there is one that will work in DOS mode, which means that it will help in the event that Windows will not boot. This program has a variety of useful functions, but now we are interested in file recovery.
So FindNTFS install software on your computer using a DOS diskette, which recorded findntfs.exe file.


At the command prompt, type 'FINDNTFS # 1 1 1 c:recoverlog.txt files', where # - is the disk number. In that case, if you have only one hard disk, put a value of 1, and if more than one disk, then 1? the value of drive C.


This command will search for files by using NTFSprograms. The entire list of found files, the program will display a text file on drive C. You can specify any file on any of the drives, but do not make it on the same drive on which you conduct file recovery. When such a file is created, then play it.


In that case, if the search is successfully passed, youYou find all the necessary files in the list. Keep in mind that the folder in which the program detects these files may be different from the folder where the files are actually kept. So now record numbers of the required folder.


Now, to recover files usingFindFTPS program, use the command? Copy ?. Remember that the program will record the files in the folder in which it is itself, so make sure that the recovered files in this folder will be enough space.


Now run the command? Findntfs # 1 1 1 copy #?Where the first grating to replace the hard disk number, and the second? the number necessary to you folder. You can specify a maximum of ten folders rooms. Be sure to include the file number, otherwise the program will try to copy all the files from the disc.


Now check that all the recovered files are intact and whole.

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