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How to recover a Toshiba laptop

How to recover a Toshiba laptop

If you have problems with the performance of laptop is notjust be sure to reinstall Windows with the external media, search, and install the necessary drivers and software. Experienced users often deal with exactly what does all of these "manually" procedure and inexperienced are a laptop specialist.

However, manufacturers usually provide to the Recovery partition on the hard disk that contains the operating system image with all the factory settings.



Laptop recovery to the point where heIt was purchased, started by pressing the hot keys that trigger this process. For Toshiba laptops is the F8, F11 or 0 on the latest models, which must be pressed during the boot process the computer to start Windows.


In the resulting after pressing one of these keys screen, select "Repair your computer" and press Enter.


Select the language and enter the user name and password, which are typically used when you log on, in the next two screens.


The next screen prompts you to select optionsSystem Restore. In this case, select the Toshiba HDD Recovery, which implies a complete Windows system recovery to its original state.


A warning appears that the maindisk partition (on which the operating system was originally installed) will be given to the original state, all data on it will be deleted. To protect your data from loss, should periodically be transferred to another location, it may be another disk partition, or external media.


The next screen displays a summary of theupcoming recovery. Go to the next screen by pressing the "Next" button, you will be the last warning of the program starts the process and its irreversibility. Also on the program will warn that interrupt this process can not be without consequences, so it is best to connect the power cable to the notebook.


After allowing the process to run System Restore, a new window will display the process of rolling back to the factory settings, software installation and drivers.


After this will only set upoperating system for yourself: choose the country, keyboard layout, a user name and password, and time zone. You can also register your notebook via the Internet to extend the warranty.

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