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How to recover a pension certificate

How to recover a pension certificate

In today's society, if health permits, it decided to continue to work after retirement age. In this case, the person receives and the pension and wages.

Retirement Certificate is a document atby which not only an opportunity to receive a pension, but to buy tickets, get preferential permits in sanatoria and benefits to pay for housing and communal services.

But no one is safe from theft on public transport or on the street.

Or from the accidental loss of the pension certificate.

You will need

  • Passport
  • Photo
  • Power of attorney



If you are working, if you lose you will need to contact your supervisor. He or manager / accountant organization will provide you with a sample application for a duplicate.

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You need to assure power of attorneyan employee who is engaged in the PF deduction, and working with them, that you ask him to deal with your documents and provide your interests in the pension fund. It is also necessary to make 4 photos 3 * 4 cm


An employee with your passport, application and power of attorney has to drive to the pension fund. There will find on the basis of your pension certificate, Number and all information about your pension and make a duplicate.


If you are retired and do not work, then youyou need to drive up to the pension fund at the place of your residence. If you currently need to have a passport and 4 photos 3 * 4 cm. There you will be given a sample of statements and passport data, find the certificate number, all the information on it and will issue a duplicate.

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