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How to record a video with a webcam

How to record video from webcam

Software and hardware of modernallows computers in the home with the help of a web camera to create and edit videos, burn cartoons and movies over the Internet.

You will need

  • - the Internet-
  • - Virtual Dub program.



Using special software, you can dovideo with special effects, titles and other intricacies that will make your movie a colorful and interesting, as well as remove unwanted frames from the movie, advertisement, for example.


One such program is the Virtual Dub. So the first thing you need to do is install the program on your computer. Then turn on your webcam and start the Virtual Dub program. Virtual Dub is arranged in such a way that automatically detects your webcam and connect to it. Make some adjustments to the program to work correctly.


To capture video tab"File» (file) and navigate to the Capture AVI menu. This will be the seizure. If desired, you can change this. Set the video source by clicking Source. Can you recommend a "video tuner '. It will adjust the contrast, color.


Now set the format by clicking on the tabFormat. The optimal resolution is 352x288. The depth of color expose YUY2. Then, go to the Audio setting audio format. Below you will see the numbers. Click on them and adjust the sound to 44.10 KHz, 16-bit, mono. Audio recording is performed without compression, or video and audio do not match.


Adjust the image to the sound of snapping. To do this, open the Capture menu and select the Setting tab. In the window that opens, check the box next Lock video stream to audio. All settings are made, you can start capturing video. To do this, press the F6 key, Esc button to stop recording.


When the recording is finished, you can startediting of the film, the imposition of various effects. For this purpose, Virtual Dub provides options such as "cut / paste", "overlay filters," "Overlay / save track", "Storyboard movie."

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