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How to record movies on the disc

How to burn movies to disc

In this age of computerization of all digital devices denser part of everyday life.

Digital music, movies and games have become commonplace. But if everything is clear and simple, watch a movie on a computer is not always comfortable with music and games.

Much more interesting to watch a movie with friends, for example, on your home theater or on a standard DVD-player.

For this it is necessary to record movies on the disc.



To record movies on a disc, weIt requires special software to burn. They were there quite a lot, for example, CDBurnerXP, Free Easy CD DVD Burner, Astonsoft DeepBurner, Small CD-Writer, Ashampoo Burning Studio, Nero and others. Given the simplicity and intuitive interface, use the recording program Ashampoo Burning Studio.


After installing and running the program, we see a windowlisting available functions are grouped on the left side. Recording movies on a disc, you can use two commands: Record any files and folders ?, or recorded video and photos ?. Choose a menu item? Write a folder and files ?, since the mechanism further work will be easier, and the recording will be faster.


A pop-up window, select?Create a new CD / DVD / Blue-Ray disc ?. In the window that appears add the movies that you want to record. This can be done, or click? Add ?, to the right, or drag the mouse to the workspace files. At the bottom of the window is the volume line. As it is possible to estimate the total volume of films produced in the recording. Hit? Next ?.


The following settings window, choose the speeddisc recording, pressing the button? Modify option ?. Some DVD-players bad reading discs recorded at high speeds. Therefore, we recommend to choose not the largest of the available speed for the drive. Then click? Save ?.


Disc Burn began. Her time depends on the speed and volume of the recorded files. After burning drive will leave from the case. If successful entry appears on the screen the service window with the message? Write drive has been successful?.

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