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How to record his first album

How to record his first album

The first entry is an important stage in the life of each musical group.

When the group goes to the professionalism of a decent standard and the material for the whole plate is enough, it's time to think about the studio.

You will need

  • - Professional or home Studio-
  • - instruments-
  • - The musical material.



If funds permit, rent for the creation of the first album professional studio. In this case, you provide high-quality equipment adapted for the recording room, and the sound engineer services.


Practice shows that a record oneRecords takes at least two months. If music is not your main activity, feel free to multiply this term several times because visiting a recording studio you can only spare time.


On the basis of many of the points are rehearsal studiorecording. If professional studio - your option, be ready to pay 500-1000 rubles per hour of recording. Typically, this price includes the services of a subsequent note of music.


Lovers of art have the opportunity to equiphis own home studio. However, this option is a non-free entry: you need certain equipment. A specific list of devices depends on what tasks you set for yourself.


Every studio consists of three main blocks: module producing sound (microphone for voice and instruments with pickups), a recording unit, and information processing (mixing console and multi-channel recorders, which function successfully executes the computer), as well as the sound module (amplifier and speakers - speaker system).


Assessing your budget and in consultation withfamiliar sound engineers, try to collect the required minimum at home. For recording acoustic instruments and voices need to allocate space with improved sound insulation properties. To begin better with simple tracks - three or four tracks (drums, guitar, bass, voice and keyboards), gradually complicating the composition.

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