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How to record from TV

How to record from TV

In the variety of TV shows of modern television occasionally come across the really good transmission doubly valuable precisely because of its rarity.

It is possible that they seem valuable to you so that you may even want to write them down for reuse in the future.



First of all, you can use standard VHS VCR, if you stayed alone in working condition. Record with the help of the transmission is not difficult, but the quality is not up to par.


A more preferred embodiment is the use of a computer and a TV-tuner.


Make sure that the antenna cable is connected to the input of the tuner and desired channels tuned in TV viewer.


Go to the Viewer and select Settingsimportant for the future recording data: its source (your TV tuner card), location to save the file (desirable fast hard disk with sufficient free capacity), the recording format and codecs.


Now, when everything is ready, you simply press the record button in the interface of the tuner control program, and when the transfer is complete, stop the recording "Stop" button.


Now, in that you place on your hard disk is a video from your favorite gear.

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