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How to record two-sided discs


How to record two-sided discs</a>

With time dvd disks surrender their positions and give way to more practical storage media, such as flash drives. Nevertheless, they are still used, and they are in demand.

The maximum volume is bilateral dvd.

How to write them down?

You will need

  • The program Nero.



Purchase a licensed version or download fromThe Internet program Nero. You will need it to record two-sided discs. Install it on your personal computer. Restart to update the data. Then run the program.


Select Nero Burning Rom. Nero itself is a multifunctional application that allows not only to burn discs, but also to create covers for them, to process sound files, to make layouts of various graphic images, etc.


To record double-sided discs, selectCorresponding format. In the start menu of the recording application, select "Record dvd". Then determine whether this disk is multi-session, i.e. Whether it is possible to finish something on it or not.


Determine the write speed to disk. Before you will see a window, something similar to the standard program of the Windows operating system "Explorer." On the right side you will see a list of files on your computer, on the left - an empty field. Fill it with the files that you want to write to the disk.


To do this, select one or a group of files in theRight field and, without releasing the left mouse button, drag them to the left. After the list is generated, click the "Start Burn" button. It is located on the toolbar.


Make sure that the volume of selected files does not exceed the amount of free disk space. Otherwise, the burn can not take place, and the disc will be simply spoiled.


Wait until the end of the recording. Save the template if you are going to record one or more of the same discs. Remove the two-sided drive from the dvd drive. Turn it over and put it back in to record its second side. Then do everything according to the instructions described above.

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