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How to record a chord notes

How to record a chord notes

Accord - a combination of three or more of sounds thatarranged or can be arranged by thirds. There are two basic ways to record chords - detailed, but the bulky sheet music and a brief letter.

Transfer of records from one system to another requires little skill.



All notes in the letter system designated specialsign: A - «A», H (in the pop system B) - «B», C - «up», D - «D», E - «E», F - «F», G - «G». In classical Latin, and system indicated by the note "B-flat", according to one of the oldest zvukoryadov.Zaglavnymi letters or with a postscript "dur is" major chords are recorded: "Adur" or "A", "Cdur" or "C". Minor chords are written in small letters or have the postscript "mol": "a", "amol", "Amol".


Accidentals "sharp" and "flat" refers to,respectively, "it is" and "es": "fis-mol" - F-sharp minor, "Des dur" - D Flat Major. Exceptions "E flat" and "A-flat»: Es, As ( "e" character disappears).


Put in the early stave key(Treble, bass, alto - on request). Then, at the appropriate place stave put the lower note of the chord - in her honor he named. For example, in A minor lowest note - "la". The treble clef "la" first octave is written between the second and third rulers below.


The remaining notes are located on the third of: "Up" between the middle and the second from the top line, "E" at the top line. Location across the stage. Note that all the notes are arranged between the rulers. At the same time, the expanded writing chord would have to additionally write the note "A" of the second octave on the first extra line on top.


Check interval chord structure. The minor chord lower third small (half tone). In the "To" and "to" just such an interval. In the middle-major chord to "up" would have to put a sign "Sharp" in third .Vtoraya most minor (two-tone), which corresponds to the interval "before" - "mi". In this third majeure would be low ( "C Sharp" - "E")
Between the extremes of notes ( "A" - "E") perfect fifth (three and a half tones).


In addition to simple major and minor chordsa so-called small major seventh, designated with a capital in the form of a seven and a subscript (eg, A7 - little major seventh of the "la"). It consists of four notes, arranged by thirds. Interval structure of this chord: major third, minor third, minor third. Between the extreme minor seventh (hence the name of the chord). For example, from "A" this chord is built on the notes: "A", "C Sharp", "E", "salt".

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