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How to record a synthesizer to a computer

How to record a synthesizer to a computer

The advent of computers in audio recording capabilities has greatly simplified the process.

Over time, this has meant that, even in the home has become possible to record any musical instrument, including the synthesizer.



Connect a synthesizer to the sound cardcomputer using the connection cord. Typically, most connectors used in synthesizers for connecting cord are jack, XLR, as well as DIN, widely used in the Soviet Union, the 3- and 5-pin, officially called the CP-WG. Plug a standard sound card typically uses mini-jack interface. Professional models equipped with the most connections jack or XLR.


Select one of the applications forsound recording. If there is no alternative to using the Windows standard program «Sound recording", but it is better to use the more advanced software. Among them can be distinguished such as Sound Forge, Adobe Audition, Sonar and others. Each of them has its own characteristics (both functional and connected with the interface), but the general principle of operation remains the same. You can also use one of the free recording software.


Turn on the synthesizer to adjust the volumeand the overall sound. Then run the selected application. Create a new project using the menu «File» - & gt- «Start» (or «File» - & gt- «new»). Select audio settings, namely the frequency to be used for recording. Naturally, the higher the frequency - the higher the sound quality. The human ear is not able to distinguish it at very high values, but do not specify a frequency of less than 22050 Hz. But it is better to specify a large value.


In the program interface, click "Record"and then proceed to play the synthesizer. Among the features of some programs has a metronome, the inclusion of which before recording will help to maintain the pace. After you finish playing, click "Stop". If desired, you can create another audio track to record additional parts.


Now you only save recorded. To do this, select "File" menu - "Save as" (or "File" - GT- & "Export" in some programs "), in the dialog box, specify a file name and click" Save ". Wait until the process is complete.

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