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How to recognize, you're lying or not

All unpleasant when they are cheated.

How often do we then swear to himself for being too trusting! But in most cases you can identify a lie.

Of course, these observations will help better when youcommunicate with friends, even a close friend, but if you're talking with someone for the first time, and there is all of the above symptoms, it is likely that you are lying.

Do not be too trusting, try to analyze the information.



Pay attention to your eyes. Often a person who speaks the truth, does not look you in the eye, look away.


Frequent gesture liar - scratching the nose or lobesear, or neck, or rubbing of the century. He seemed instinctively trying to close her mouth to prevent fraud According to extradite him, but stops halfway, change the movement.


If the person in conversation suddenly starts making too many unnecessary movements near the face - it is something from you hide or lie.


Look for gestures, as for the man,speaking the truth, characterized by a desire to dissociate itself, shut off the source, he is deceiving. He could cross his arms, put his legs, to take up any subject, half-turned to sit down or even turn his back during a call.


Note interlocutor speech rate. In lying about the person he is changing: it is often more rapid, monotonous, with sudden pauses. Questions may respond with a delay, as if choosing his words. This story may be too fussy, with many unnecessary details, like a liar is trying to hide their lies among other words.


Pause for a man who lies often uncomfortable - it inwhile her companion could think about, analyze, say, so the liar tries to avoid silence, she says sometimes abruptly changing the subject or telling a funny story.


Also, you may notice a mismatch between emotions and words. For example, smile, which involves only the mouth but not the eye, not the forehead and cheek muscles.


Also, there is exaggerated, unnatural, overly theatrical expression of emotions - make laughter, unexpected simulated anger or resentment.

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