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How to recognize depression in time and give it a worthy repulse


How to recognize depression in time and give it a worthy repulse</a>

If you do not recognize the depression in time and do not take action, it can acquire a protracted nature.

A person, faced with this unpleasant state, feels depressed, incapable of any action, unnecessary.

Prolonged depression, unlike usual sadness, is a serious problem that can lead to terrible consequences.



Learn to recognize depression and distinguish it fromSadness, grief, fears, etc. It's normal to get upset and upset, it's quite natural that a person feels bad after forced dismissal, divorce and even after a failure in the exam. The difference is that sadness goes away, but depression can stay for a long time.


Try to identify depression. Start doing things that you liked before, meet with friends, review your favorite movies. If all this helps to cheer up and distracts from gloomy thoughts, then you are able to recover from the stress. If you feel irritated, do not want to see friends, your favorite hobby does not bring relief, most likely, you are facing depression.


Pay attention to your physical condition. Often, depression is accompanied by increased fatigue, decreased performance, frequent headaches, discomfort in the heart, insomnia, a sharp decline in sexual desire.


Do not try to force yourself to have fun and soDo not get angry when you can not do it. This will only underestimate your self-esteem and aggravate the situation. Do not watch comedies and listen to funny songs, if they do not help you to cheer up and only disappoint.


Use natural antidepressants, for example,chocolate. Also, whenever possible, it is advisable to go to a relaxing massage session. Excellent helps aromatherapy: in particular, you can use oils of pine, sage, lavender, cloves, rosemary, myrrh, cypress, lemon. In extreme cases, you can take medication, but only as directed by your doctor.


Try to walk more often, in the summer - to visit the beachAnd sunbathing. If possible, try to do physical exercises, as they contribute to the development of the so-called happiness hormone. An excellent option - yoga classes for beginners, because they not only provide physical exercise, but also teach you to control breathing, distract from gloomy thoughts, get rid of negative emotions.

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