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How to recognize the depression and give her a fitting rebuff

How to recognize the depression and give her a fitting rebuff

If you do not recognize depression in time and does not take action, it can acquire a protracted nature.

The man who is faced with this unpleasant state, feeling overwhelmed, incapable of any action unnecessary.

Prolonged depression in contrast to the usual sadness - is a serious problem that can lead to dire consequences.



Learn to recognize depression and distinguish it fromsadness, grief, fear, and so excited and upset -. this is normal, so it is natural that a person feels ill after forced layoffs, divorce, and even after the failure of the exam. The difference is that with time the sadness passes, but depression can stay for long.


Try to identify depression. Start doing what you liked before, meet friends, revise your favorite films. If all this helps to elevate mood and distract from gloomy thoughts, then you are able to recover after suffering stress. If you feel irritation, do not want to see friends, favorite hobby does not bring relief, more likely, you are faced with depression.


Pay attention to your physical condition. Often depression is accompanied by fatigue, decreased performance, frequent headaches, unpleasant sensations in the heart, insomnia, a sharp decrease in sexual desire.


Do not try to force yourself to have fun and theis not angry, when to do it does not work. This will only underestimate yourself self esteem and aggravate the situation. Do not watch comedies and listening to cheerful songs, if they do not help you lift your mood and just disappointing.


Use natural anti-depressants, for example,chocolate. It is also possible, it is desirable to go for a relaxing massage. Excellent aromatherapy helps: in particular, you can use pine oil, sage, lavender, clove, rosemary, myrrh, cypress, lemon. In extreme cases, you can take medication, but only on prescription.


Try to walk more often in the summer - to visit on the beachand sunbathing. If possible, try to engage in physical exercise, as they contribute to the development of the so-called hormone of happiness. A great option - yoga for beginners, because they not only provide a physical activity, but also learn to control your breathing, distraction from gloomy thoughts, get rid of negative emotions.

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