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How to recognize original timberland boots

How to recognize original timberland boots

Although the US company Timberland hasfounded a few decades ago, its products have already managed to conquer the hearts of many fashionistas and fashionistas around the world. In particular this applies to the shoe manufacturer.

Not accidentally appeared on the market so many fakes of famous Timberland.

Distinguish the original Timberland boots simply.



These are made of Timberlandhigh-quality nubuck, which is why they are very durable. Fakes are made of other materials, many of which feels more like rubber, and so do not look very presentable, and in the process of socks quickly will fail.


In the original shoe laces are inserted in nylon, and all fittings made of stainless steel, which looks much more noble than the messy buttons made of other materials.


Stitches in the shoes of the original can be called ideal. They are smooth, never seen broken or protruding strands.


The sole is made of a special Timberlandrubber with the addition of rubber, so while jumping and walk it perfectly absorbs. Transitions between layers are not visible. In turn, the pattern on the soles of counterfeit models highly salient.


Timberland originally produced in the United States,but now the company's factories moved to China and the Dominican Republic. Thus, the available-country producer, where it was made on the original shoes. On the counterfeit models also still write "Made in USA".


Original Timberland boots are equipped with a special thermal insulation system, thanks to which your legs will always be comfortable and cozy in them in any weather.


To the right shoes «Garanteed Waterproof» original model Timberland leather tag attached with the inscription. Other labels or labels on these Timberland no.


Also, do not believe someonline stores that attract customers for its incredibly low prices. Such high-quality shoes can cost 1500 - 2000 thousand rubles. If you want to be sure of the quality of the acquired product, buy it on the official website of the manufacturer.

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