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How to recognize a fake rubles

How to recognize a fake rubles

Statistics says that counterfeiters most attractive is the thousand-bill, and most secure - five thousand.

This fact does not exclude the occurrence of fraud and other bills.

Counterfeit money can steel for the average user in trouble, so you must know the rules of verification for authenticity.



Pay especially attention to the watersigns. You may notice that this bill tone unevenly distributed. At the same time there is a smooth transition from dark to light shades. On the counterfeit money watermark is usually dark and monotonous or non-existent.


Look at the security thread, which is ashiny metallic stripes, stitched through the bill. At first glance it looks like five small rectangles-dotted lines. It is also worth noting that at this tysyacherublevke figure "1" in the image of the face value like runs into the strip. On the fakes, this thread is on top of the unit.


Note microperforation, placingdollar bill in front of a light source. Swipe your finger to check on its reverse side. If you feel the bumps, it's fake. Feel bill, you will not feel the roughness in the present bill.


Check the coat of arms of Yaroslavl (bear) tothousand-bill, which is in optically variable ink. If the bill is slightly tilted, the image will change color from crimson to golden-green. Thus, if the color does not change, then we can say with confidence that the money is fake.


Note the words "ticket Russian bank"in the top right corner of the front side of the bill. If you hold your finger, you can feel for her that she has a relief structure. In addition, the bottom of the narrow field of banknotes has embossed label for people with poor eyesight.


Check the bill on the moiré effect. If you look at certain areas of the banknote at a right angle, they seem to be uniform in color, and when the angle of view, they fall into the colored strip, which fades each other. This site is located on the front side of the bill on ornamental strip to the left of the main picture.

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