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How to recognize alcohol

A molecule of ethanol.

Nowadays people often have to deal with alcohol and drink its contents.

Alcohol appeared in ancient times. From a chemical standpoint, it is ethyl alcohol - ethanol, colorless liquid which has a specific odor, and has volatile properties.

Its molecular formula is - C2-H5-OH, or CH3-CH2-OH.

Some alcohols and aldehydes are the surrogates of alcohol and dangerous for the organism.

Ethanol is used for medical purposes.

How to recognize it - read about it on.



Alcohol is recognized by its characteristic smell. It is very specific, but not as sharp as ammonia alcohol.


You can take a risk by trying a small amountalcohol - just a couple of drops on the tongue. You will feel the taste without much aroma, but your sensory apparatus experience specific physiological effects - a burning sensation, tingling, turning into heat.


Pipette, apply to the surface of glass orceramic saucer five to ten drops of alcohol and ignite them. Watch the flame. It should be bluish not particularly hot, without isolation of the visible smoke and other products of combustion.


Volatile properties allow you to determine the alcoholwhen it evaporates from the skin surface. Take a small amount of cotton wool, wet it with alcohol and gently squeeze your fingers. Wipe with cotton this small area of ​​skin, such as your palm. You must feel it is cooled surface at the site of evaporation alcohola. On this property based method of reducing elevated body temperature - alcoholovoe obtiranie.Sovokupno all of these steps increase the chances to identify alcohol.

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