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How to recognize AIDS


How to recognize AIDS</a>

What if you suspect that you have AIDS?

To your health, of course, it is worth treating as carefully as possible and sounding the alarm with the slightest ailments, but you do not have to obey the panic either.

Let's consider the basic cases when it is necessary to reflect seriously on the status and to hand over necessary analyzes on presence of a HIV and AIDS.



First you need to understand and rememberThe difference between HIV and AIDS. HIV is a human immunodeficiency virus that can be present in your blood, but for a long time you do not have to be aware of it (up to 5-7 years!) If you have serious suspicions (for example, you had unprotected sexual intercourse) about the possibility of infection HIV, then just take a blood test. The disease in the first stages can be completely asymptomatic, but you should learn about it as soon as possible. First, to protect other people from potential infection, and secondly, in order to select a special immunotherapy in time. Unfortunately, not everyone knows that with proper therapy and early diagnosis, an HIV patient can lead an absolutely full life, like any other healthy person.


True, a blood test should be taken not immediately afterPotential infection, and after about 3-6 months. Of course, due and sufficient for the recognition of the amount of the virus can accumulate in less than a short time, it all depends on the case and individual characteristics of the organism. In some people, the presence of the virus can already become apparent in a month, so it is optimal to pass the HIV test three times: the first one - 1-2 months after the potential infection, the second - after 3, and the last - in six months. If the last analysis gives a negative result - live quietly and continue to be more careful!


AIDS is a combination of symptoms and allAcquired against the background of immunodeficiency diseases. A person who has passed into the stage of AIDS, is prone to rapid development and severe course of even the most common cold or poisoning. Here are some symptoms that you should pay attention to first: you have a long fever, unreasonable weakness or fever, diarrhea, abdominal pain, a rash, constant irritation - all these symptoms can be symptoms of AIDS. Poor healing of even the most harmless wound is also an alarming sign, since with immunodeficiency the body practically loses the ability to recover.


Of course, do not panic. All of the above symptoms can relate, in fact, to some other disease, but to check for your own moral calm is clearly worth it! Very often people, because of fear of contracting HIV or AIDS, earn whole nervous disorders, panicking because of each temperature jump or slightly enlarged lymph nodes. First of all, you should calm down, take tests and learn about the potential disease as much as possible. Be healthy!

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