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How to recognize a phone scam

Telephone scam

With telephone swindlers faced almost everyone.

But the scammers are so much on the fiction that sometimes even the most vigilant people get on the phone scam.

How to recognize scams clever moves to avoid another phone tricks and save your money.

Your card is locked

This scam is designed specifically for customersSberbank. Scammers figured out how to disguise their messages by SMS from Sberbank. The Bank always sends messages to its customers with the number 900, the scammers use the same short code, but instead of zeros, they are gaining two caps O. Most mobile phones do not distinguish them from the zeros, and you seem to get a message from Sberbank. The SMS contains information on scams over the fact that your card has been blocked, please call ... (the mobile phone number) for more information. The man calls back, and sweet girl, allegedly operator, explains that there was a failure in the system and unlock your card it needs credit card number and three digits indicated on the back side. The unsuspecting man dictates the card number and as soon as he had removed all the money.

To pay the debt on the loan

The scam is designed for those who repay the loan,and in Russia they are the majority. A man on a cell call from an unknown number and voicemail, allegedly Bank, said the need to repay debt, and for listening to a message you have to press the number 1 to reach the operator 2. From such a message people really did not understand anything, usually presses figure 2. And then the operator during the conversation skilfully entices the victim's personal information, credit card number and information about accounts. In no case do not enter into any telephone calls regarding your loan. If you received an SMS or a call regarding your loan, call themselves the bank to clarify the situation.

Even if you have received a message with a shortrooms, similar to Sberbank, especially note: Sberbank, telling something about your card, it always points to the latest figures, and no cheaters. Sberbank will always show in the message is the same number for the connection, which is on your map. Bank operator never asks numbers that are on the back of your credit card.

Unsubscribe SMS

People are happy to accept the offer fromget rid of telephone messages and fall into the clutches of scams. Subscriber SMS comes with a proposal to refuse the advertising distribution. To do this, you need to send SMS to short number. Sending him a person loses a considerable sum from your phone bill.

Remember, save you from advertising spamphone Once your mobile operator, and no one else. It is better to call yourself and ask the operator to block all numbers from which you receive unsolicited mailing.

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