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How to recognize the hemolytic crisis


How to recognize the hemolytic crisis</a>

Hemolytic crisis - an acute blood disease associated with the rapid destruction of red blood cells.

The disease is life threatening to the patient.

It is important to diagnose the disease in time in order to avoid undesirable consequences and to achieve stabilization of the condition and the possibility to exclude the cause of the phenomenon.


Hemolytic crisis from the very beginning is manifestedSuch symptoms as chills, weakness, vomiting, acute abdominal pain, having a cramping character. Against this background there are also painful sensations in the lower back, a gradual dyspnoea begins. The body temperature thus grows and is fixed at a high elevation. When the disease is also marked tachycardia, icterus of the mucous membranes and human skin, anemia.

The easiest degree of a crisis can be asymptomatic until the patient's condition worsens.

Going to a more severe degree, the diseaseCauses a sharp drop in blood pressure. There may be a collapse, as well as a lack of urine in the bladder due to renal failure (anuria). In this case, a serious increase in the spleen and liver of a person can be observed.

During the crisis, certain complications are also possible, for example, cardiovascular failure.


The cause of the crisis is the presence ofSevere infections that get into the blood and cause rapid death of red blood cells. Influence can be seriously injured, hypothermia, overdose with some medications, improperly transfused blood from a person with another blood group. Also, a frequent cause of the disease are autoimmune processes in the body.

Recognize the presence of the disease in the newborn can be by enlarged spleen and the level of bilirubin in the blood.


For treatment, glucocorticosteroidDrugs in large doses to stabilize the patient's condition. Detoxification of the body is carried out by injecting glucose preparations, Polyglyukin, Hemodeza, and the like. To directly cure the crisis, hemodialysis and blood transfusion are prescribed. In newborns, blood transfusion is prescribed as a means of fighting against the condition, which is performed several times a day in severe cases of the disease. Children who have been ill for a while are under the supervision of a pediatrician, a lor, a neurologist.

Help with haemolytic crisis can be provided only by specialists with the correct diagnosis and the availability of the necessary medications and funds for blood transfusion.

Appointed diuretics and vitamins forStabilization of the patient's condition. In case of a crisis that has arisen as a result of trauma, blood-restoring preparations ("Rutin", "Vikasol"), and also calcium are prescribed.

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