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How to recognize a hemolytic crisis

How to recognize a hemolytic crisis

Hemolytic crisis - an acute blood disorder associated with rapid destruction of red blood cells.

The disease is threatening the life of the patient.

It is important to diagnose the disease, to avoid unwanted consequences and to achieve stabilization and possibly eliminate the cause of the phenomenon.


Hemolytic crisis from the beginning manifestedsymptoms such as chills, weakness, vomiting, acute abdominal pain, with cramping in nature. Against this background, there are also pain in the lower back, it begins a gradual shortness of breath. The body temperature increases, and thus fixed at high level. When the disease is also marked tachycardia, yellowness of the mucous membranes and human skin, anemia.

The most mild crisis may be asymptomatic until the patient's condition worsening.

Turning to a more serious level, diseaseIt causes a sharp decrease in blood pressure. There may be a collapse, and the absence of urine in the bladder due to renal failure (anuria). This may be a serious increase in human spleen and liver.

In the period of crisis and there may be some complications, such as heart failure.


The cause of the crisis there is the presence ofsevere infections caught in the blood and causes rapid death of red blood cells. The impact may have a serious injury, hypothermia, an overdose of certain medications, the wrong committed by a blood transfusion from a person with a different blood group. It is also a common cause of the disease are autoimmune processes in the body.

Recognize the presence of the disease in the newborn can be increased by the spleen and the level of bilirubin in the blood.


For treatment are appointed glucocorticosteroiddrugs at high doses, to stabilize the patient's condition. Held detoxification of the body by entering glucose products, "polyglukin", "gemodez" etc. To cure the crisis directly, appointed by hemodialysis and blood transfusions. In newborns, as a means of combating a condition is assigned to a blood transfusion, which in severe disease is carried out several times a day. Children who have had the disease for some time under the supervision of a pediatrician, Laura, a neurologist.

Help with hemolytic crisis can be provided only by specialists with the right diagnosis and the presence of the necessary medicines and funds for blood transfusion.

Appointed by diuretics and vitaminsstabilize the patient's condition. In crisis, resulting from the injury, shall be appointed hemostatics medications ( "routine", "Vikasol"), as well as calcium.

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