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Original recipes of kvass

Recipes original kvass

On the assurances of many brew prepared in ancient Egypt.

But he became a national drink in Russia.

Made from barley and rye malt, hehas a bright flavor, capable of cheerfulness, normalize metabolic processes in the human body, it has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system.

So why not prepare this useful refreshing drink, but not in the classic recipe, and make it original?

Recipe milk kvass
Milk kvass is ready to forgive, it will amaze you with its original taste. It is recommended to all lovers of milk.
We will need:
- 50 g drozhzhey-
- 5 liters moloka-
- 220 g of sugar.
Mix the sugar with the milk, bring to a boil. Cool to room temperature. Dissolve yeast small amount of warm milk, pour into chilled milk, stir. Cover the bowl with a lid, remove to a warm place, let it brew ferments for six hours. Then pour it into bottles, remove to a cool place for fermentation and aging.
Recipe Lemon kvass
For lovers of lemon tart lemon can offer original brew, which is very refreshing and helps to strengthen the immune system.
We will need:
- 500 g sahara-
- 150 ml of juice limona-
- 4.5 liters of water-
- 220 g izyuma-
- A pinch of cinnamon.
Stir the sugar into the water, bring to a boil,cool, pour the lemon juice, add the cinnamon and diluted yeast. Stir, remove the mixture for five hours in a warm place. Pour the finished drink bottles, in which it is necessary to spread the raisins. Store in a cool place. It is advisable to give the lemon kvass brew for three days.
Recipe currant Kvass
Summer version refreshing and very useful kvass. Here you do not have to wait long until it infusions.
We will need:
- 30 g drozhzhey-
- 1 kg of black smorodiny-
- 4 liters of water-
- 500 g of sugar.
Crush the berries in a mortar, pour hot water,bring to a boil. Steep for two hours, then strain the liquid, connect with dilute yeast (diluted in warm water). Stir the sugar, remove at night, bottling, tightly zakuporte. For twelve hours you can drink kvass ready currant.

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