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RECIPES of baits for carp


Carp bait recipes</a>

Carp very well catch on fragrant balls - boilies, which can be bought in a specialized store.

But some fishermen prefer to cook the bait themselves in the old way, and the catch is not worse, and sometimes better.

You will need

  • Bait from potatoes:
  • - potato-
  • - black or white bread-
  • - Flavored vegetable oil.
  • Lure from the porridge:
  • - millet-
  • - Sugar-
  • - hemp oil-
  • - medical bix-
  • Clamp.
  • Lure from the dough:
  • - barley-
  • - flour-
  • - honey-
  • - potato-
  • - anise oil-
  • - biscuits.
  • Pea and corn bait:
  • - pea-
  • - corn.



Bait from potatoes
Boil potatoes in a uniform, cool and clean. Fry and add the pulp of white or black bread, a little flavored butter, for example, unrefined sunflower. All well, knead until the mass is obtained in the form of a dough without lumps. Make balls and put on the hook, this bait is good for carp and for crucian carp.


Lure from porridge
Rinse the millet and fill it with medicalBix, add a little water, sugar, a few drops of hemp oil. Stir, close the lid and tighten the clamp. Put the bix into boiling water and cook the bait for 2 hours. Then remove from the water, cool and remove the lid. You will get a bar of dense fragrant cereal. When fishing for carp, cut into cubes, sprinkle with breadcrumbs and put on the hook.


Lure from the dough
Grow barley, then dry it and lightlyFry in the oven. Cool and grind in a coffee grinder. Mix the resulting flour with wheat flour, add the boiled potatoes and mix the dough. Form small dunties from it and boil, then cool and mix again, this time with honey and aromatic anise oil. Make the balls, the fragrant bait on the carp is ready.


Pea and corn baits
Cook the peas until ready, but not untilThe state of porridge. Cool it and hook it. Another carp is very fond of corn, you can cook it. To do this, put corn grains in the water, bring to a boil, remove from heat and let stand 10-12 hours. Corn will swell and become soft. Catch carp on it is very convenient, because the grain is firmly held on the hook.

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