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RECIPES baits for carp

Recipes baits for carp

Carp are very good at catching balls fragrant - baits that you can buy in a specialized store.

But some fishermen prefer the old-fashioned cook their own bait, while the catch is obtained no worse and sometimes better.

You will need

  • The lure of potatoes:
  • - potato
  • - Black or white bread-
  • - Aromatic oil.
  • The lure of porridge:
  • - psheno-
  • - sugar
  • - Hemp oil-
  • - Medical biks-
  • - Clamp.
  • The lure of the test:
  • - yachmen-
  • - muka-
  • - slow
  • - potato
  • - Anise oil-
  • - Crackers.
  • Pea and corn bait:
  • - goroh-
  • - Corn.



The lure of potatoes
Boil the potatoes in their skins, cool and clean. Mash the pulp and add white or black bread, some flavored oil, such as crude sunflower. All knead well until a mass of dough without lumps. Make balls and sit down on the hook, this is good bait for carp and crucian carp.


The lure of porridge
Rinse millet grits and fill her medicalBix, add a little water, sugar, a few drops of hemp oil. Stir, cover and tighten the clamp. Bix Put into boiling water and cook for a bait for 2 hours. Then remove from water, cool down and remove the cover. You will have a bar of fragrant dense porridge. While fishing for carp cut into cubes, sprinkle with breadcrumbs and sit down on the hook.


Bait dough
Germinating barley, then it is dry and slightlyfry in the oven. Let cool and grind in a coffee grinder. Mix the resulting flour with wheat flour, add the boiled potatoes and knead the dough. Form small dumplings out of it, and boil, then cool and be stirred again, this time with honey and aromatic anise oil. Make balls, aromatic bait for carp is ready.


Pea and corn bait
Boil the peas until cooked, but not tocereal state. Cool it and sit down on the hook. Another carp loves corn, and you can cook it. To do this, place the corn in water, bring to a boil, remove from heat and let stand for 10-12 hours. Corn swell and become soft. Catching carp on it is very convenient, as the grain is held firmly on the hook.

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