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How to call the good spirit day

How to call the good spirit of the day

By tradition, almost always cause somehow evil creature of the other world. Known to many Bloody Mary: variations on the theme of children's horror stories are many, the truth is just hidden by time.

Also not cute Jack the Ripper and the Spirit with the interesting name of Bluebeard. None of them are any good mediums and participants of the session of spiritualism.

But at the same time they continue to cause.

Why - nobody knows, I may just want the thrill.

But for those who want to participate in a seance, coming after him gray and alive, you should think about calling of good spirits.



It is unknown what can good spirits, if they aremake angry. After all, everything has its limit of patience. So it is not worth the risk. Adhering to certain guidelines and rules, you can easily and cause the most severe effects of the good spirit. The first rule is the call of the spirit - will be determined in order to include the establishment of a disaster that will cause. Four Elements: Water, Earth, Air, Fire.


Next, keep in mind that an important role is played by the day and time of the call otherworldly creatures. Suitable days are the first, third and penultimate day of the week, ie Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.


According to the old legends, from midnight until the firstthe rooster crows on the white light coming out all evil. So here. Ouija can be carried out both day and night. But, on the advice of white witches before midnight and after the alleged cry of a cock, that is, after four or five hours in the morning. Otherwise, with the spirit of light into the house and his life you can call the dark spirits. Even if the medium is not aware of the presence of this being unkind.


In order to cause the kind of spirit neededto create a special, cozy atmosphere. Incense sticks burned in the room will obviously impress the called spirit. In the center of the room, both on the altar, it is necessary to arrange the elements attribute. If the element of water, the tray, saucer or a glass of water. For Fiery spirit ignited candle. If the element of air, the place is nothing, of course, is not necessary. And to create a suitable piece of plate elements Earth with a conventional earth or sand.


Clothing participants should not cause aggression orother bright emotions. Nothing colored, black, poisonous. And best of all, if the material is natural vestments. The more participants in the session, the greater the protection from possible harm that can go from the afterlife.


On a sheet of medium-sized cardboard drawngeometric shape, in which as much as the participants of the corners. Around the center rooms- "altar", participants sit down and put your finger on the right hand corner of the corresponding figure. After that, the medium encourages the spirit to come. Otherworldly entity announces its presence sound his element: water noise, howling wind, crackling twigs in the fire.


After the session, participants shall seethe presence of the spirit, must be asked whether the spirit wants to be at this time in this place, whether he wants to answer questions. If the answer is yes, then you can ask questions, the answers to which can be either positively or negatively. That is to say "yes" or "no." A spirit medium subconscious sends the answers written on a piece of paper.


After the questions were asked and the answers received, it is necessary to thank the spirit and ask him to return to the underworld.


As it turns out, there is even the spirit desires. It is like a good gin in the fairy tale could have the wish of the person who causes it. However, only when he wants it. In order to bring about the good spirit of the Executive desires, you need to stock up on cotton yarn, and thicker ring or needle and candles.


If a seance on call spirit desiresheld in the afternoon, then the window should hang thick curtains, does not transmit light. The first candle is lit. Thereafter, the thread is held in the ring or a needle. Here the main thing - the concentration of the medium on the needle.


Now you can call the spirit. To do this, you need to start is not easily shake the kind of pendulum formed with a needle (of the ring) and thread. It should be saying: "If the spirit desires appeared, turn the ring (the needle) forward or backward. If you do not want to fulfill my desire today, swing the pendulum to the right or to the left. "


To list your desires should be only afterhow the medium will make sure that the desires of the spirit wants to do them today. And if he said no, you should politely thank him for his visit and quietly let go.

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