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How to call a good spirit in the afternoon


By tradition, almost always cause somehow evil creatures of the other world. Known to many Bloody Mary: there are many variations on the theme of this children's horror story, although it is simply hidden by time.

Also not at all the cute Jack the Ripper and the spirit with the interesting name Bluebeard. All of them do not bear anything good to the mediums and participants of the spiritualism session.

But they continue to cause them.

Why - no one knows, maybe just the thrill you want.

But for those who want to participate in the spiritualistic session, leaving after him not gray and alive, one should think about the call of good spirits.



It is not known what good spirits are capable of, if theirmake angry. After all, everything has its limit of patience. So it's not worth the risk. Adhering to certain instructions and rules, you can cause a good spirit without problems and special severe consequences. The first rule of calling the spirit - it will be determined with what element the creation belongs to, which will cause. Element four: Water, Earth, Air, Fire.


Next, you need to take into account that the important role is played by the day and time of calling the otherworldly creation. Suitable days are the first, third and penultimate day of the week, that is, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.


According to old beliefs, from midnight to the very firstSinging cocks to the white light goes all the evil spirits. So here. A spiritual session can be conducted both day and night. But, according to the advice of the white sorcerers, until midnight and after the alleged scream of the first rooster, that is, hours after four or five in the morning. Otherwise, together with a bright spirit into the house and your life you can call a dark spirit. Even if the medium does not suspect the presence of this evil creature.


In order to evoke a good spirit, you needCreate a special, cozy atmosphere. Flavored sticks, burned indoors, will clearly impress the evoked spirit. In the center of the room, as on the altar, you need to place the attribute of the elements. If the element of water, then a plate, a saucer or a glass of water. For the Fiery Spirit, a candle is lit. If the element is airy, then it is of course not necessary to place anything. And to create Earth element will suit a dish with ordinary earth or sand.


Clothing participants should not cause aggression orOther vivid emotions. Nothing colored, black, poisonous. And best of all, if the material of vestments is natural. The more participants in the session, the greater the protection against possible evil, which can pass from the other world.


On a sheet of medium-sized cardboard is drawnA geometric figure in which the angles are as many as the participants. Around the center of the "altar" room, the participants sit down and place the finger of the right hand on the corresponding corner of the figure. Then the medium calls on the spirit to come. The otherworldly entity declares its presence by the sound of its element: the noise of water, the howling of the wind, the crackling of twigs in the fire.


After the participants in the session havePresence of the spirit, one should ask the question whether the spirit wants to be at this time in the given place, whether it wants to answer the questions. If the answer is positive, then you can ask questions that can be answered either positively or negatively. That is, "yes" or "no". Through the subconscious mind of the medium, the spirit transmits the answers, which are written down on a sheet of paper.


After the questions have been asked and the answers have been received, one must always thank the spirit and ask him to return to the other world.


As it turns out, there is even a spirit of desire. He as a kind gin from a fairy tale can fulfill the desire of the one who causes it. True, only when he himself wants. In order to evoke a good spirit-executing desires, you need to stock up a cotton thread, and thicker, with a ring or needle and candles.


If a spiritualistic session on the call of the spirit of desiresIs carried out in the daytime, it is necessary to hang tight curtains on the windows, which do not allow light to pass through. First of all, the candle lights up. After that, thread the ring or needle. The main thing here is the concentration of the medium on the needle.


Now you can summon a spirit. To do this, it is necessary to begin to rock unsteadily a kind of pendulum, formed with the help of a needle (ring) and thread. Thus it is necessary to sentence: "If the spirit of desires has appeared, turn the ring (needle) forward or backward. If you do not want to fulfill my wish today, swing the pendulum to the right or to the left. "


List your desires only afterHow the medium will make sure that the spirit of desires wants to fulfill them today. And if he answered negatively, you should politely thank him for the visit and let him go quietly.

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