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How to reboot the server


How to reboot the server

If the server is configured correctly, then itsReboot may be needed once in several years. Typically, the server reboots only for routine maintenance or when replacing any components.

On the one hand, it may not seem complicatedRestart the server, since it is a regular computer, only more powerful. But with the wrong approach to this procedure, it can happen irreparable.

You can lose all the data stored on the server, and disable all hardware.

This article will discuss the proper reboot of the server based on the linux operating system.



Press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Alt-Delete


In some cases server May not respond to this combination. Then try to press the following combinations: Alt-PrintScreen-S, Alt-PrintScreen-U, Alt-PrintScreen-B.


If there is no response to these actions, only the Reset button on the computer's system unit will help you.


If there is no answer to this, you just need to turn off the computer and wait 15-20 minutes.

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