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Real money online

The real money for online surveys

Online surveys can help you pay your mobile phone.

You will need

  • Computer or laptop, internet connection, some free time.



First we need to find the site itselfInternet survey. For example, with the help of search engine Yandex. In the resource need to pass absolutely free and registration of short (no longer than 2 minutes). After that, the e-mail account provided during registration, with varying frequency will Receive polls.


Polls simple, usually take from 10 to 30 minutes. Depending on the complexity of the survey will be determined by the size and the payment for it.


Every registered userHe has his private office, where you can check the current account balance. Once it reaches the sum of 250 rubles (about once a month), you can put it to the number specified at mobile registration. Payment shall be made within 2 weeks.

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