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How to read text phones

How to read text phones

Most modern smartphones support .txt formats, .doc, .pdf and even. To read these formats, simply move the files in this format in the phone's memory.

But those who do not have a smartphone, and a phone, can also enjoy the pleasure of reading a book on your phone.

To do this, you must perform a few simple steps.



To read on teskt phonesIt is necessary to convert a text documentjava application. In this case, the phone will not read it as a text file, but as a supplement, and you can easily explore the literature that interests you on your mobile phone. The key to this - choose the font and color of the screen so that they are as comfortable to the eye.


To convert the document to javaapplication, first download from the Internet BookReader program any version. This program is designed for creating e-books in java format. It has a simple and intuitive interface, pozovolyaet regulate the amount of font, background color, and view the resulting text on the virtual screen phone. Install this program.


Add the conversion of all you are interested indocument, and then use the settings to create the text, the most convenient to read on your mobile phone. Then copy the book to your phone or via data cable, or by using a direct copy on a flash card that is inserted into your phone. Then just run this app and enjoy reading.

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