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How to read text in phones


How to read text in phones</a>

Most modern smartphones support .txt, .doc, and even .pdf formats. In order to read these formats, it's enough just to transfer the files of this format to the phone's memory.

But those who do not have a smartphone, but just a phone, can also enjoy the pleasure of reading books on the phone.

To do this, you need to perform several simple actions.



In order to read the text on Telephones, You need to convert the text document toJava application. In this case, the phone will read it not as a text file, but as an application, and you can easily study the literature you are interested in on the mobile phone screen. The main thing at the same time is to choose the font and color of the screen in such a way that they are as comfortable as possible to the eye.


In order to convert a document into javaApplication, first download the program BookReader any version from the Internet. This program is designed to create e-books in java format. It has a simple and intuitive interface, allows you to adjust the font size, background color, and view the resulting text on the phone's virtual screen. Install this program.


Add to the conversion queue of interest to youDocument, then use the settings to create the text that is most convenient for reading on the mobile phone screen. After that, copy the book into the phone either via the date cable, or by direct copying to a flash card that is inserted into your phone. Then just run this app and enjoy reading.

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