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How to read the Psalter House

How to read the Psalter House

Psalter - a sacred book containing the Psalms, King David wrote that using the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

Reading Psalms house allows blot out sins and elevate the soul to attract the angels for help.



Prepare a burning candle or lamp. Reading the Psalms must be accompanied by fire. The alternative is possible only if you're on the road. Find a quiet place where you no one will distract or otherwise interfere with you. Read the Psalms must be loud, but in a low voice, carefully listening to the words and trying to make out the meaning which they laid.


Pay special attention to the correct settingstress. Otherwise, it may change the meaning of words or even whole sentences. In Orthodoxy it is considered a sin. You also can not read the final sitting or initiatory prayer (as well as the so-called "Words") - be sure to get up on the rest of you can sit.


In no event should not be dramatized,to put emotions and feelings in the reading of the Psalms. Let your voice be monotonous and slightly raspevno. The main thing that remained impartial. You also can not show emotions, if you can not understand the meaning of what was said. people will be able to understand more and more as a spiritual maturity.

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