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How to read the messages in the mail.ru agent

How to read the messages in the mail.ru agent

Correspondence with the help of instant messaging is gaining momentum today: it is quick, easy and completely free.

Leader of communication is perhaps the service icq.

Behind him the mail-agent remained stable in the ranking, but may use it only one who has a post on Mail.ru.



Sign in agent. In the window that opens, double-click with the left button of the list of contacts on the contact whose message is not read yet.


The interlocutor dialog box, check the currentmessages or click "File" at the top right. This will open up the entire archive your correspondence. Archives can also be opened by right-clicking on the contact and selecting "Message archive".


To receive notifications of incoming messages, click "Menu" in the same window contacts.


Select "Account Settings", thentab "Notification" box and select the "notify you of new messages." Then, notification of incoming messages will be displayed in the lower right corner of the icon for the agent.

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