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How to read a manga


Read the manga</a>

To begin with, what is the manga? This is Japanese comics, a form of fine art. 25% of all printed press in Japan are manga publications.

Since Japanese culture has recently won great prestige in Russia, a large number of fans of anime and manga are very popular manga Naruto, Bleach and others.



It can be original (that is, translated directly from Japanese) and changed (Russian editions).
If you get a Russian version of the manga in your hands, you should read it as it should - from left to right, from top to bottom, but you need to remember that in Japan you read from right to left, Manga We read from the right to the left from top to bottom. But such publications are getting smaller.


Changed Manga Read as it should? From left to right from top to bottom. The original should be read from the right to the left and also from the top down.


Starting to read Japanese comic books, some first look at anime, the story of which is used in it. Some people read first and then look. It ? As anyone wants.
In addition to difficulties with the direction? Reading you will not have any problems, so read with pleasure!

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