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How to read human facial expressions

How to read human facial expressions

The words and intonation of people can control, for it is difficult to determine the true meaning of phrases.

But through facial expressions, you can find out what the source hides or shy to speak.

With this knowledge you will be able to communicate with people without the stress and understand their relationship to you.



Many individual facial movements,any movement can not be explained. Well understood and read facial expressions, you can only familiar people, knowing their characteristics and habits. It is one expression of someone showing the lie and the other constraint. Therefore be careful to observe and study their friends, and then you will be able to recognize the importance of facial expressions accurately.


Do not forget that many already know about readingfacial expressions, and may try to disguise a particular expression or imitate. But falsity can be easily identified by the symmetry not display emotions on his face. If you observe carefully, before the false mask can be seen on the second person's true feelings.


According to human lips can say a lot without evendeep knowledge within the meaning of facial expressions. The curvature of the mouth to one side - a mockery, zakusyvanie lips - anxiety. When a person lies, he covers his mouth with his hand, often masking the gesture cough.


A smile usually indicates friendliness andsympathy, but it is a lot of varieties, and each means something different. Strong smiling - interlocutor waiting for approval, smile with raised eyebrows - the willingness to give up, smiling with lowered eyebrows - shows superiority. Smile curve shows the nervousness and anxiety. If a person's lips pursed in a smile, but he did not blink, and his eyes widen - he tries to threaten you.


You can read emotions in facial expressions. Do happy people calm eyes, mouth corners are raised and laid back. Joy - curved lips with corners drawn back near the eye are formed small wrinkles. The interest shown in the raised or lowered eyebrows and eyelids widened or narrowed. When you surprise people a little bit slightly open mouth in the shape of, lift the eyebrows and eyes widen.


Negative emotions are manifested in a tensefacial expressions. In disgust man wrinkles his nose, eyebrows down, sticks out her lower lip or closes off the top. When angry man frowns, his nostrils dilate, his mouth tightly compressed, his face slightly red. Contempt is shown in the extended and raised up his face, as if the man looks down at him, eyebrows raised up and he unconsciously moved away from the man.

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