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How to read the facial expressions of a person


How to read the facial expressions of a person</a>

People can control words and intonation, it is difficult to determine the true meaning of phrases.

But through mimicry you can find out what the person hides or hesitates to talk about.

With the help of this knowledge, you can communicate with people without stress and understand their attitude towards you.



Many mimic movements are individual,Some movements can not be explained. Well understand and read facial expressions you can only from familiar people, knowing their characteristics and habits. After all, one expression of someone shows a lie, and the other has restraint. Therefore, be careful, watch and study your friends, and after that you will be able to recognize the meanings of facial expressions more accurately.


Do not forget that many already know about readingMimicry and can try to disguise an expression or simulate. But falsehood can be easily recognized by not symmetry of the display of feelings on the face. If you watch very carefully, then before the false mask you can see for a second the true feelings of a person.


The lips of a person can say a lot even withoutDeep knowledge in the meaning of facial expressions. The curvature of the mouth in one direction is a mockery, a lip-biting is a worry. When a person lies, he covers his mouth with his hand, often masking this gesture with a cough.


A smile usually shows benevolence andSympathy, but it has many varieties, and each means something of its own. Strong smile - the interlocutor waits for approval, a smile with raised brows - a willingness to yield, a smile with drooping eyebrows - shows superiority. A wry smile shows nervousness and anxiety. If a man's lips are folded into a smile, but he does not blink, and his eyes expand - he tries to threaten you.


You can read emotions in facial expressions. Happy people have calm eyes, the corners of their lips are raised and laid back. Joy - lips are twisted with drawn corners back, small wrinkles appear near the eyes. Interest manifests itself in raised or lowered eyebrows, and eyelids are widened or narrowed. When surprised, people slightly open their mouth in the form of a letter o, raise their eyebrows and widen their eyes.


Negative emotions are manifested in a tenseMimicry. With disgust, a person wrinkles his nose, lowers his eyebrows, protrudes his lower lip or closes from the top. With anger, a man frowns, his nostrils widen, his mouth is compressed, his face turns red. Contempt is shown in the elongated and raised face, as if a person is looking down at the interlocutor, his eyebrows are raised, and he unconsciously moves away from the person.

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