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How to read English words


How to read English words</a>

In our time without knowing a foreign language anywhere. The leading lath, as in the whole world, naturally takes the English language.

It's time to study it. Yes, that's not the problem: we learned a different language.

Anyone except English.

You can hire tutors, go to courses, or start learning the language yourself.



Starting to learn a foreign language? From scratch?, It would be nice to learn transcription. As a rule, the transcription of words is written next to the word itself. At least, this is done in the textbooks intended for the initial stage of training.


Transcription is a set of sounds,Which the reader must pronounce, enclosed in square brackets. As a rule, it indicates which letter is stressed, what sound should be pronounced, and which is not.


For example, consider the English word? Know ?. Translated into Russian as? Know ?. For the sake of completeness, consider the simplest phrase that students use very often. ? I don? T know? (In Russian? I do not know?). If the first two the words Do not cause a question in the reading, in the third very often they make the same mistake.


To understand what error is allowed, you need to see the transcription. Have the words ? Know? It will be as follows: [n ??]. From this transcription it is clear that the first letter is simply not pronounced. And in Russian the above phrase will be read as? Ay dont nu ?.


It is very important to pay attention to what is read exactly? No ?, but not? Knoi ?. On the move, the beginner is quite hard to read correctly the words. If you have any doubts about the correct pronunciation, it's better to take the wordsAnd check. As a rule, in such literature about each the words Transcription is prescribed.


Also, do not neglect the audio course. Listening and reading the text, you will remember many new words, plus your consciousness will remember how this or that word should sound, and the correct pronunciation will automatically be displayed.

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