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How to read English text


The first step to reading is the alphabet</a>

Learning any language begins with the pronunciation of the correct pronunciation.

Since the vocabulary in the first stages is zero, then usually the first steps are learning the rules of phonetics and reading. English is not an exception.

Although, of course, to obtain optimal results, the spoken language must be started to teach along with the phonetic rules.

You will need

  • Stock up with a beginner's tutorial or find a training site with information about the phonetic rules of English. Buy or download audio materials, voiced by native speakers.



Learn to read the English alphabet. Pay attention to how voiced and voiceless consonants are pronounced (in many respects they coincide with the Russian language, for example, "d" - "d" and "t" - "t"). This is important, since correct pronunciation allows you to distinguish words that at first glance look similar but have completely different meanings. For example, "bad" is bad, and "bat" is a bat. Then go to the vowels.


Start reading syllables and short words. Some letters in combination with others form a completely different sound than the one you learned while reading the alphabet. Such cases will have to be learned separately, but in the future this knowledge will become automatic.


Learn the ways of transcription of English soundsLanguage. In the future, this knowledge will allow you to learn how to pronounce the word correctly. In any dictionary (both in the book and on the Internet), usually after every English word is its transcription. And Yandex-dictionaries, for example, allow not only to look at the transcription, but also to listen to how this or that word sounds.


In English, as in Russian, stress can fall on any syllable. Use transcription, where it is necessarily indicated, where exactly it is necessary to put stress.


After the rules of phonetics are learned, you can go on reading English Texts. And here the important role is played by the right intonationAnd phrase stress. The best way to learn how to read large texts correctly is to listen to an English reader, and then just copy it. Find an audiobook in English and its in TextsTh format. Listen to the reader and watch the text.

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