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How to read the English text

The first step in reading - Alphabet

Learning any language starts with the correct pronunciation.

Since the vocabulary in the early stages is equal to zero, it is usually the first steps is to study the rules of phonics and reading. English language - is no exception.

Although, of course, for best results, the spoken language teaching should start with the phonetic rules.

You will need

  • Stock up primer or find a training site with information about the phonetic rules of the English language. Buy or download the audio, by native speakers.



Learn to read the English alphabet. Pay attention to how pronounced voiced and unvoiced consonants (in many ways they are the same with the Russian language, for example, «d» - «g» and «t» - «t»). This is important because the correct pronunciation of words allows us to distinguish at first glance similar, but have completely different meanings. For example, «bad» - this is bad, and «bat» - a bat. Then move on to the vowel.


Begin to read syllables and short words. Some characters in combination with other forming a completely different sound than the one that you have learned while reading the alphabet. Such cases have to learn separately, but in the future this knowledge will be transferred to the regime of automatism.


Learn how transcription of English soundslanguage. In the future, this knowledge will allow you to learn how to correctly pronounce the word. In any dictionary (as in the book and on the Internet) usually after each English word is its transcription. And Yandex-dictionaries, for example, can not only see the transcription, but also listen to the sound of a particular word.


In the English language, as well as in Russian, stress may fall on any syllable. Use transcription, there's sure to indicate exactly where you need to put the emphasis.


After the phonetic rules are learned, you can proceed to read English text. And here the important role played by the correct intonationand phrase stress. The best way to learn how to read large texts - is to listen to the English reader, and then simply copy it. Locate the audiobook in English and it is in textth format. Listen to the narrator and follow the text.

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