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How to read children correctly


How to read children correctly</a>

For many parents, sharing books with a child seems like a waste of time.

In fact, this is a delusion. Reading a child you give and receive a huge dose of love.

This will have a positive effect on the development of your baby, because he will feel your care and warmth. Periodic reading will bind you stronger.

Reading the baby, you open before him a new huge world full of your love.



Keep away toys, turn off the TV and computer, exclude anything that can distract you and the child from reading.


Read expressively and emotionally. Change the timbre of the voice, you can try to voice different characters in different voices. Well, sound all the sounds.


In the process, pay attention to the child'sPictures, ask him to describe what he sees on them. Praise him, support him, tell him, gradually learn new words that are suitable in meaning. This will supplement the child's vocabulary, awaken the imagination, expand the horizon, and, most importantly, bring you closer to the child.


For the youngest, buy colorful books. Figures should be large with a small amount of detail. Now there are a lot of thematic books for kids in the stores. They are meant to cognize the world with a crumb. In addition, they are specially adapted for the youngest, they are durable and safe.


Make reading ritual. Let it be, for example, a pleasant signal that it is time for the child to sleep. It is important to follow the regime - let it always be the same time.


Do not refuse to read to the child the same thing every day, if he asks for it. Use this to develop his memory to teach children's rhymes together.


It is useful for very young children to read books in whichWords and individual syllables are often repeated. Such songs and jokes cause children to repeat what you heard, which develops his speech. Try constantly, not only during reading, but even, for example, during cleaning or cooking, talk with the child, explain to him what and how you do. Bring to him a maximum of information.


Use books with new unfamiliar words. Constantly hearing something new, the child will quickly expand his vocabulary and, moreover, it will greatly help to speed up the development of speech.

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