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How to read the children

How to read the children

Many parents with the child reading a book seems like a waste of time.

In fact, this is misleading. Reading child you give and you get a huge dose of love.

This will positively affect the development of your baby, because he will feel your care and warmth. Periodic reading will link you stronger ties.

Reading baby, you open in front of him a huge new world full of your love.



Take away toys, turn off the TV and computer, eliminate anything that might distract you and your child from reading.


Read expressively and emotionally. Change the tone of voice, you can try to sound different characters different voices. Good try speaking all sounds.


In the process, pay attention to the childpictures, ask him to describe what he sees them. Praise him, maintain, suggests gradually learn new words, appropriate meaning. It will fill your child's vocabulary, awaken imagination, expand horizons, and, most importantly, bring you closer to the child.


For the smallest buy colorful books. Figures should be large with a small number of parts. Now in stores a lot of themed books for kids. They are designed for knowledge of the world crumbs. In addition, specially adapted for the very young, they are durable and safe.


Make reading ritual. Let it be, for example, a pleasant signal that the child go to sleep. It is important to observe the mode - let this be always one and the same time.


Do not give your child read the same thing every day, if he so requests. Use it to develop his memory, to teach nursery rhymes together.


Most kids read useful books, wherefrequently repeated words and separate syllables. These songs and jokes cause in children the desire to repeat after you heard that develops his speech. Try all the time, not only while reading, and even, for example, during cleaning or cooking, talking with your child, explain to him how and what you are doing. To communicate to it the maximum of information.


Use books to new unfamiliar words. Constantly hearing something new, the child will expand their vocabulary and, in addition, it will greatly help to accelerate the development of speech.

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