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How to Read djvu

How to Read djvu

E-books in our time is almostReplace the paper and becoming more popular every day. They are very easy to use, do not take up much space, and they can be read both on desktops and laptops, as well as on all kinds of PDAs, book-reader or smartphone.

The only difficulty, which in this case may face inexperienced users - is the need to select the appropriate program for reading various formats.



To date, one of the mostcommon formats is DjVu. Its name comes from the French expression d? J? vu (already seen). This technology is specifically designed to store and retrieve scanned documents (books, journals, manuscripts), containing a large amount of hard recognizable formulas and symbols). To be able to read e-books in this format, first of all, install on your computer the special program reader.


Currently, programs for reading andediting in DjVu file format, there are many. Part of it is free, some commercial. If you plan to only read e-books, without altering the files themselves, you is fine popular program WinDjView. It is free, easy to install and requires no special knowledge to use.


In order to install the program on your computer, you first go to its home page at http://windjview.sourceforge.net/ru/ and download the installation file to your hard drive. to download the file button in the upper right corner of stranitsy.Esli you use your computer is not running Windows, and Macintosh, select the appropriate installation in the same file.


After downloading get in hishard drive installation file called WinDjView-1.0.3-Setup.exe. This self-extracting archive. Click on it twice left mouse button and select "Open" from the context menu when you right-click. During installation, the program prompts you to select the interface language. By default the Russian, so just click "agree". Next, select the default setting (including the installation of additional "YandeksBara") or a custom installation. To do this, switch box in the window that opens, and click "Next". After that, your choice of software installed on a computer yourself.


To open a file for the first timeextension djvu, run the program and choose in its main menu "File" option "Open". Before you open the standard Windows window with a list of your folders and files, among which to select your desired. The file opens in the form of scanned books that you can read as usual. In the future, all other files with the extension djvu will by default be opened in the program, simply click on them.

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