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How to reach Voskresensk

How to reach the Voskresensk

At first glance, Voskresensk never been particularly remarkable city - in fact there were various chemical plants.

But then operated a hockey team "Chemist", played for many legendary players: Alexander Ragulin, Igor Larionov Dmitry Quarterly, Yuri Lyapkin and others.

So that the city is famous for its athletes.



Let's start with the most simple, convenient and cheapway to get from Moscow to Voskresensk. It is clear that this commuter trains, which depart from the Kazan railway station the Russian capital. Most often, Voskresensk to go train "Moscow - Golutvin" - of no less than 10 flights per day. You can catch the express train "Moscow - Ryazan-1", which also abound - not less than five a day. Also go to the Voskresensk train "Moscow - Slate." Travel time is 1 hour 50 minutes.


Very comfortable and popular among travelers this form of transport as the bus. All flights leave №358 from metro station "Vykhino."


However, there is another travel option in Voskresensk on the bus. In Zhulebino also has a bus that dovozit to your destination.


The third option - to take the bus, "Moscow -Voskresensk "near the metro station" Kuzminki ". The road to the Voskresensk takes 1 hour and 50 minutes on average. And here a lot depends on the traffic jams on the highway Novoryazanskoye - in fact most of the routes goes through it. So in a particularly bad days the time spent in a way that could increase to two or three times.


This expanse to travel plans inVoskresensk motorists. By car you can drive to the city immediately on several routes. The first route is simple and nezateyliv - must go on Novoryazanskoye highway, then turn to after Bronnitsy Small Moscow ring, which is often referred to simply as "tarmac". And then move the signs of the Resurrection.


In a second embodiment, can be reached by Egorievsk highway to the village Kurovskoe, and 20 kilometers to reach the Voskresensk.


If you follow the third embodiment, it is necessarymove in Nizhny Novgorod highway, then turn to the Small Moscow Ring and easy access to the Bronnitsy. Then, guided by the signs, take the course of the Resurrection. The road will take about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

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