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How to reach Venice

How to reach Venice

Talking about the beauty of Venice and attractions can be infinite. This is the famous city on the water, located on 118 islands, united to each other by 400 bridges.

Old buildings, gondoliers, carved bridges.

For a tourist visit all the sights of Venice did not examine it.

You will need

  • - international passport-
  • - medical insurance-
  • - Confirmation platezhesposobnosti-
  • - Confirmation of intent to return to Russia.



To enjoy the beauty of the city, enoughto issue a tourist visa and make their way from Moscow to Venice. The visa issue is solved simply enough. A set of standard documents, procedures are facilitated as much as possible, taking into account the fact that the visa is issued in a European country. Apply for a visa can be in any of the offices of the Italian Embassy.


The easiest way to Venice - itflight. There are both direct flights from Moscow and flights with transfers to other cities. The duration of the flight (the distance between Moscow and Venice 2097 km) will depend on the chosen airline, for example, a direct flight with Alitalia or "air fleet" takes about three and a half hours. Flights are performed from Domodedovo to Marco Polo airport regularly. From Vnukovo flying the same route "Transaero".


If you want to save money and look to Europe,It is to fly with a transfer, for example, in Bologna, Rome or Florence. Most convenient connections from airlines' EirBerlin "and" Lufthansa ", but they send collars only at the tourist season. From October to February Fly with transfers possible "Czech Airlines" or "Aeroflot", but then it's best to end a part of the airport to get to Venice by train.


You can take the train "Moscow-Nice." It makes a stop in Verona, where just an hour you can reach Venice by express train. An hour before the lovers of the city and can be reached by train from Bologna and Rimini, and this is the way of Pisa or Milan takes almost three hours.


With the "Belarusian Station" can be on the train to go toMilan, and from the station, "Milano Rogoredo" suburban electric train to get to Venice already. The electric train runs every half an hour, there is, however, a daily break of 1.5 hours (from 15-00 to 16-30). This trip will cost less than $ 120 each.

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