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How to call MTS operator

To get through to the operator MTS is possible through a single reference service

If you have any questions while using your cell phone, you can try to get through to the MTS operator, if its a party.

This can be done with both mobile and landline phone.



You can reach the operator MTS,using a single short number 0890, which operates within the network. Listen to the message from the answering machine, which contains instructions regarding the available partitions helpdesk. Go to them through the voice menu, so make sure that your phone is in tone mode - press "*" then you hear a short beep.


Navigate to the desired section by clicking the appropriatekey. If you have not heard the name of the appropriate section, or simply do not want to wait, you can immediately call the operator MTS, pressing "0" on your phone. Wait for some time until you will not support the employee. Please note that in the evening the line is busy for a long time, but will answer the call.


If you are a subscriber of other cellularthe company or make a call from a landline phone, try calling the operator MTS hotline 8-800-333-08-90. Also you can use a short reference service, but dial it in international format. For example, to get through to the operator MTS, Moscow region subscribers should dial +7 (495) -766-01-66. No matter what number of technical support and how you type, the call will be free.


Please use the official website of the operator,to apply to the MTS support. The relevant section is on its home page. Here you can compose and send your request via SMS or e-mail, specifying the coordinates for the feedback. This production method requires more care, so a response from the operator comes within seven days.

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