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How to get to the icon of Saint Matrona


How to get to the icon of Saint Matrona</a>

The icon of St. Matrona is in Moscow, in the Pokrovsky Stauropegial Convent.

It is located almost in the center of the capital, near the metro stations "Taganskaya", "Marxist", "Proletarskaya", "Ploshchad Ilicha", "Peasant Outpost".

Icon of Saint Matrona - where to find it

Icons of Saint Matrona of Moscow are in manyTemples. It is revered not only in the capital, but in Russia and the world. But the main icon and power are in Moscow, in the women's monastery on Taganskaya Street.

How to get to Pokrovsky Monastery

Pokrovsky stauropegial nunneryLocated at: Moscow, Taganskaya Street, 58. Several metro stations are nearby: Taganskaia, Marksistkaya, Proletarskaya, Krestyanskaya Zastava and Ploschad Ilicha. It is best to get from the "Marxist", she - closest.
If you decide to get to the Holy Mother's templeMatrons through the station "Marxist", look for an exit from the metro to Taganskaya street. It is located at the end of the hall. Climb up the escalator. Turn left and go outside - there is a bus stop. On any transport (minibus, bus, trolleybus), you pass two stops. The monastery is located on the second from the metro. Find it very simple. Transport stops right in front of the monastery gate.
You can get from the station "Marxistka" and on foot. For this, coming out of the subway, you need to go straight, in the course of traffic. On Taganskaya street, before its intersection with Bolshaya Andronievskaya street. The road will take only seven to ten minutes. The monastery and the temple of the Holy Mother Matrona with her icon are on the right. From the metro station "Taganskaya" you can get to the temple as well. Only in advance you need to cross the road in the direction of the shopping center "Zvezdochka" - it is visible from the metro.
To get to Pokrovsky monastery, having arrived onThe metro station "Proletarskaya", will have to go to Abelmanovskaya street and follow it directly, about ten to fifteen minutes. A good guideline is tram tracks that run in parallel. If a long walk is not included in the plans, you can take the tram and get to the stop "Abelmanovskaya Zastava". Pokrovsky monastery is across the road from the stop, its red wall will be perfectly visible. From the station "Peasant Outpost" it is worth to get similar, it is located very close to the "Proletarskaya".
From the metro station "Ploshchad Ilich" to PokrovskyThe monastery needs to go by tram, which follows towards Abelmanovskaya outpost. To get to the stop, get off the last subway car, next to the center, and go up. In the passage, turn left. Then once more to the left, before the transfer to the station "Roman". Then on the stairs you need to go out into the street, find a traffic light and a big intersection. Go to the opposite side, there is a tram stop. You can sit in any tram, they all go to the side of the Abelmanovskaya outpost. The stop is the second from the metro station "Ploshchad Ilicha". You can walk on foot, following the parallel tram tracks. The journey will take ten to fifteen minutes.

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