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How to get to Mikhnevo


How to get to Mikhnevo</a>

At first glance, Mikhnevo is not a very attractive town-type settlement, of which there are tens of thousands in Russia.

But, it turns out, this place has a rich and ancient history. For example, the first mention of Mikhnevo refers to the distant 1572 year.

And, therefore, lovers of history have where to turn.



The quickest way to get to Mikhnevo -It is to buy a ticket for a suburban train, which is more than 50. Every day from Paveletsky Station the following trains depart: Moscow-Necklace, Moscow-Uzunovo, Moscow-Stupino, Moscow-Kashira and Moscow-Mikhnevo. It is necessary to go to the station "Mikhnevo", and the journey takes approximately 1 hour 25 minutes.


A good way to get to Mikhnevo isbus ride. In the first case, five daily flights "Moscow - Mikhnevo" depart from the Krasnogvardeysky railway station, which is located next to the metro station "Krasnogvardeyskaya. The road to the stop "Mikhnevo" will take approximately 1 hour 40 minutes, depending on the situation on the Moscow highways.


There is also a second option to get to Mikhnevo by bus. To do this, you need to buy a ticket for the flight, which twice a day departs from the Shchelkovo bus station.


Many people prefer to move aroundMoscow region by own car. And here there are several options, how to get to the destination. The first option is to drive by car along the M4 Don road and not go anywhere. 35 kilometers after the city of Domodedovo airport will be the entrance to Mikhnevo.


Since the M4 Don is very busyAt any time of the day, there are ways to bypass. According to the second option, you can go on the highway M5 Ural through Bronnitsy, and after 25 kilometers turn left and stay on the main road until you enter Mikhnevo.


The third option is to go on the less busy Yegoryevskoye highway, then go to the Little Moscow Ring, and then turn around towards the airport of "Domodedovo" towards Mikhnevo.


You can also get to Mikhnevo, if you firstGo to the highway M4 Don and drive through Podolsk and Klimovsk. And after 6 kilometers after Chekhov turn to the right to Mikhnevo. The journey to the destination takes approximately 1 hour 30 minutes. But if there are serious congestion on the roads, the time spent on this way can take 3, and even 4 hours.

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