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How to reach Belosrusskaya

Prior to the Belarusian railway station you can reach the subway or trolley

With Moscow's Belorussky railway station are sent aslong-distance trains and trains. Most trains from this station go to Minsk and other cities of Belarus, as well as in Smolensk, Kaliningrad, Rybinsk.

In addition, here you can go to Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia and other European countries.


Belorussky Railway Station is located on Tverskaya Squaregates, house 7. The easiest way to get to the Belorussky railway station by subway. This method has a very big advantage - quickly and without traffic jams. If you come to another metropolitan station, you just need to go down to the drifting snow and catch a train on the Circle line. Exit at the station need to "Belorusskaya". "Belarusian" is actually two, one - in the ring, and the second - on Zamoskvoretsky radius. Lobby radial station is located directly in the station building. The "Belarusian" -ring two outs, but both are almost at the station. Climbing up the escalator, you will find yourself either in the station building, or on the forecourt. You can go to one of the countries of Eastern Europe, in the south-west Russia or commuter trains in Mozhaisk, Borodino, Kubinka. And if you have time to train, nothing prevents a walk in the center of Moscow, for Tverskaya Street is just around the corner.

ground transportation

Prior to the Belarusian railway station can also be reachedbus or trolley. This method has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of it is that you can see Moscow. The main drawback - a large load center of the capital, so that even public transport is sometimes slower and less often than we would like to passengers. In addition, buses and trolleys often overcrowded. If you do decide to choose ground transportation, you approach the bus and trolleybuses №12 №№1,2, 18, 56, 78.

From the airports

Any capital's airport you will findpublic transport stop, from where you can get to the metro. For example, from the Sheremetyevo you can take a bus or taxi №817 948 to the station "River Station", then Zamoskvoretskaya line to the station "Belorusskaya". From Domodedovo airport by bus №405 you half an hour ride from the metro station "Domodedovo", which is also located on Zamoskvoretsky radius, so you direct access to the "Belorusskaya". Finally, the most intuitive way from Vnukovo airport - by taxi №705 to "October", which is on the Circle line. Somewhat less convenient travel option through the "South-West". This plant comes from Vnukovo bus №611 or 611S. From the "Southwest" need to get to the "Park Kultury" station, go to the ring line and go to the "Belorusskaya".

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