How to re-register a car

How to re-register a car</a>

Re-registration of the car - compulsoryCondition, if you buy a car from hand, accept a car as a gift, become the owner of the car by inheritance, move to another region for permanent residence.

How to re-register your car correctly and with the least amount of time?

You will need

  • - passport-
  • - donated to the car-
  • - inquiry the account on purchase of the car-
  • - passport of technical means.
  • - certificate of accession to inheritance rights.



Remove the car from the register. With different needs for re-registration schemes of action are different. If you are moving to another region, report to MOTOTRER or MREO where you registered the car, fill out the application and, having paid the state duty, go through the procedure of de-registration. As a rule, it does not take much time, the state duty for withdrawal is 200 rubles.


If you accept a car as a gift or buy it from your hands, get it in the inheritance, make sure that the car is taken off the register and the corresponding mark is placed in the technical passport.


In case you are re-registering the car forThe reason for moving, contact the registration department of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate and write an application with a request to change the registration data while preserving the old state numbers.


In case you received a car inInheritance, when the car is registered with the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, it is necessary to submit a notarized form of acceptance of the inheritance together with a technical certificate, an application and a civil passport.


Pass the car inspection procedure, payState fee for car registration. Its amount is 1800 rubles, in case of relocation the state duty will be 300 rubles only for making changes to the passport of the technical means. In case of change of the owner of the car receive license plates.

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