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EDUCATION child up to 1 year

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A child is the most important miracle in any family.

His character is formed very early and depends on the conditions in which he lives, the relationship between the parents and the relationship to him.

His upbringing will depend on his entire future life.

The child is the most important and native miracle in ourLife, with the birth of which, there are huge changes in the family. But he needs not only our love, but also a good upbringing. Raise a child from the very diapers.

From the very first day of a child's life,Organize him the right regime. The baby should have a clearly defined time when there is, sleep, play. Try to always maintain a certain order, and then it will be easier for you to teach it. The first year of upbringing can be divided into four stages:

1. Upbringing of the child up to three months.

2. Upbringing of the child up to six months.

3. Upbringing of the child up to nine months.

4. Upbringing of the child up to a year.

For the first 3 months, the baby should be good at typingWeight, and this can only be with proper feeding. Also during this time, your child must learn to hold the head and publish, at least some sounds, except crying.

In order for your child to quickly and wellLearned to hold the head, you need often spread it on your tummy. At first he will not like it at all and will not work, but eventually he will get better and better.

In the period from three to six months the child publishesDifferent sounds. In order for him to do it better, you need to include him different songs and pay attention to new sounds that he will hear. Also pay attention to the scream of birds, the noise of leaves and water.

During the third stage of education, the child learnsSit down, crawl and walk. At this age, you need to gradually accustom him to the pot. Sit the child on the pot as often as possible - after walking, sleeping, feeding, and then he will understand what the pot is for and what needs to be done there.

At the fourth stage of education in the childHe develops his speech, he begins to walk independently. Help him to walk as much as possible, hold him first for both hands, and then, when he learns, for one. Encourage his desire to walk, get up and in no case forbid him to do it, because he may have the impression that he is doing something bad and will be afraid to walk.

And most importantly - try not to scream at the baby. Talk to him quietly and calmly. Do not forget that at this age the main example of behavior is you.

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