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Child education

The child - this is the most important miracle in any family.

His character is formed very early, depending on the conditions in which he lives, relationships between parents and relations to it.

From education will depend on the rest of his life.

The child - this is most important and in our native miraclelife, with which the birth to occur huge change in the family. But it is necessary not only to our love, and a good education. To educate a child is necessary from the very cradle.

From the very first day of the child's life should bearrange a correct mode. The child should be clearly set time, when to eat, sleep, play. Always try to maintain a certain order, and then you will be easier to teach him. The first year of education can be divided into four stages:

1. Raising a child up to three months.

2. The education of the child up to six months.

3. Raising a child under nine months.

4. Educating a child up to a year.

During the first 3 months the baby should be gaining wellweight, and it can only be appropriate when feeding. Also during this time, your child needs to learn to keep the head and to publish, at least some sounds but the crying.

In order for your child quickly and wellI learned to keep the head, often need to upload it to the midsection. At first he did not like to be and do not receive, but getting better and better with time he will turn out.

In the period of three to six months, the child makes adifferent sounds. To him it is better turned out, it is necessary to include a variety of songs and pay attention to the new sounds he hears. Also, pay attention to his cry of birds, the noise of leaves and water.

During the third stage of education kid learningsit, crawl and walk. At this age, it is necessary to gradually accustom to the pot. Child sits on the potty as often as possible - after a walk, sleep, feeding, and then he will understand what the pot, and that there needs to be done.

In the fourth stage of education of the childdevelops it, he starts to walk independently. Help him as much as possible to walk, keep him first the handles and then, when he learns, for one. Encourage him to desire to walk, get up, and in any case, do not forbid him to do it, because it may seem at it, if he does something bad, and will be afraid to go.

And most importantly - try to never yell at the child. Talk to him quietly and calmly. Do not forget that at this age, a prime example of the behavior you are.

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