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A good crop of cucumbers

During the holiday season many people, and almost all have a suburban area, are worried about their crops.

There are several tips on how to improve the yield of cucumbers on their own garden.



Topsoil should be loosened after eachwatering or rain. Cultivation should start as soon as the soil dries out a bit, but it is necessary to loosen the deep, because the roots of cucumber are located near the surface of the soil.


After deployment of the third true leafCucumbers need a bit to hill. This should be done very carefully so as not to damage located on top of the roots. This operation contributes to the rapid absorption of water, otherwise the stem rots. This is especially important in the constant rain.


Cucumbers should pinch, once formulated the fifth true leaf. Pinching is necessary to do a sharp knife, and in any case do not take your hands.


On the beds of cucumbers can be planted kohlrabi and lettuce, which will promote better fruiting.


In cloudy weather, watering is better to remove a grid soil and water jet at the base of the stems. Watering should be warm water.


Cucumbers in any case is not terminated, they can only be accurately cut.

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