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How to lift your shoulders


How to lift your shoulders</a>

Before you start doing exercisesTo lift your shoulders, be sure to consult not only with your fitness trainer, but also with doctors, so as not to cause harm to the spine during their performance.



Start not with the gym, but with seemingly ordinary exercises to improve posture, because in many respects on whether you have the right posture, and depends, your Shoulders or not. During the exercises, do not strain the back muscles strongly at first, so as not to pull them or damage the spine.


Take dumbbells, stand in the starting position: legs together, hands along the trunk. Lean forward, lifting your arms up. Repeat this exercise 8-10 times.


Starting position: legs together, arms with dumbbells slightly bent at the elbows. Try to connect the shoulder blades, pull your hands to the body. Do this exercise 10-12 times.


Set aside for a while towards the dumbbell and lie down on thefloor. Starting position: hands behind the back of the head, feet firmly pressed to the floor. From this position, try to climb up as high as possible. Do this exercise at least 10 times. Do not rest between "jerks" to make the effect stronger.


Proceed to classes on the bar. First, do some conventional pull-ups facing the bar. Then turn over, grab the bar and try to pull it to the back of his neck. This exercise can also be complicated by spreading your arms as wide as possible. Make a few approaches.


Do not get carried away by exercises on lifting weights. This you can omit Shoulders Even stronger. In addition, remember that it is almost impossible to radically change the constitution of a person.


Do yoga to tone and develop the ability to breathe properly. It is likely that these techniques will help you to raise a little lowered Shoulders In the literal and figurative sense.


Do swimming - freestyle or butterfly. These swimming techniques and help you raise Shoulders, And teach you how to breathe properly, and strengthen your back muscles at the same time.

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