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How to raise the shoulders

How to raise the shoulders

Before you start to perform the exercises complexesto raise the shoulders, you should consult not only with his fitness coach, but also with the doctors not to apply in their implementation spine injury.



Start with no gym, and a seemingly ordinary exercises improve posture, as much on whether you have the correct posture, and depends on your omitted shoulders or not. During the exercises do not strain your back muscles strong at first, so as not to pull them up or damage the spine.


Take dumbbells, stand up to the starting position: legs together, arms at your sides. Lean forward while raising his hands up. Repeat 8-10 times.


Starting position: feet together, hands with dumbbells are slightly bent at the elbows. Trying to connect the blade tighten the arms to the body. Repeat this exercise 10-12 times.


Set aside for the moment the dumbbells and lie onfloor. Starting position: hands behind his neck, feet firmly pressed to the floor. From this position, try to climb up as high as possible. Do this exercise at least 10 times. Do not rest between the "jerks", to the effect was stronger.


Began his studies at the bar. Please take a few normal pull-up face-to-horizontal bar. Then turn over, grab the horizontal bar, and then try to catch up to his neck. This exercise can be more difficult and, spreading his hands as much as possible. Take a few approaches.


Do not get carried away on the exercise lifting weights. This way you can omit shoulders even stronger. In addition, keep in mind that dramatically change a person's constitution is almost impossible.


Take yoga to tone and outputting ability of proper breathing. It is likely that these techniques will help you a little lift drooping shoulders both literally and figuratively.


Take swimming - freestyle or butterfly. These techniques will help you to swim and raise shouldersAnd teach you how to breathe properly, and will strengthen the back muscles simultaneously.

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