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How to raise the neck of the guitar

How to raise the neck of the guitar

The guitar, like any musical instrument, eventually changes its sound and therefore requires close attention.

One of the main parameters that have to be constantly adjusted - bending the neck.



Check whether you need to really fixbend. Despite the fact that the adjustment process is very simple, beginner musician risked his own guitar, drawing on their own setting: excessive bending can cause cracks, which is not correct. "Raise your neck" in the common meaning "closer to the strings": the need for such a raise is determined by the complexity of the game - the musician is free to decide whether to clamp not difficult chords, and if the left hand does not get tired. Objectively speaking, the distance between the doorsteps seventh fret and string should be 3-4 mm, but, in fact, much more important than your own sense of the performer.


Find on the fretboard hexagonal hole and pick up the key of suitable diameter. The recess may be on the basis of neck, Inside the casing or on the tool end. If the regulator is inside, then loosen a few strings to not accidentally break them in rotation. However, the bass (sixth) string is better not to touch it, to determine the relative change in the bend if necessary.


Insert the key into the hole and gentlyrotate it. Determine in which direction changing bending when rotating clockwise. Lift the neck up until the string will not be convenient to clamp (check it better with the help of the reception and barre chords H in particular). Make sure that the open bass string does not rattle when the fight game. If the rattle is heard, it will certainly lower the neck - this should not be.


Pull the string, if lowered them. Make sure that the guitar is tuned. It is obvious that the change in bending neck changes and tension of the strings, but almostthe difference is noticeable not always. If the instrument and have to be reset, it will be more "cosmetic" procedure - the basic tone in any case continue.

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